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Got a call from +44 808 099 6746? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 14 Feb 2018.

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John08 Mar 2016

no idea who the hell this is just didn't pick up and blocked them - caller: 0808 099 6746

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Bradley11 Mar 2016

I was called from this number mid-afternoon it appeared on my phone as an identified call from Vodafone, I can only assume I've been contacted by this caller in the past and they then identified themselves as vodafone, today I was taken back by the caller..I spoke in quick reply to a male voice saying HELLO..I replied WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPEAK TO. at this exact point the male caller made an audible huffing noise and blatantly hung up, I can only guess that I was not his intended target as he was almost certainly wishing to speak to my girlfriend. .The contract holder. .had I spoken with a more feminine tone he may have spoken longer until he discovered I was not the 'MARK' ..I'm going to quickly say this next time they call and just out of interest see how much more they say...Hi I'm not susan but I pay the bill check your records. what does he do. ...probably beyond his pay grade, ,off script not rehearsed and above all very confusing to consider with one brain cell being shared across the entire call centre, it'll most likely be unavailable ..If someone's making a cuppa. .... - caller: Vodafone (not certain)

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Nathan05 Apr 2016

I work for Vodafone (Inbound customer service), this is Vodafone outbound sales trying to find out who you're with and see if you would be interested in what they have to offer. If you're not interested answer the phone and politely inform the agent that. And another thing, we need to ask you for your personal details to verify who you are people that's are saying "that's right" to the wrong information are just doing their job in correctly. P.S Shouting at people over the phone isn't going to get you any where. - caller: Vodafone

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Joe05 Apr 2016

Maybe they didn't want to speak to such a cunt.

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yana05 Apr 2016

Got a call claiming they were from Vodafone. Before I could say anything they kept going on about how they weren't trying to sell me something and that they were going to save me money. Then asked for passcode which I pretended I didn't know, then asked me for address. I made an excuse as it sounded like a scam, saying that I didn't have time to talk and would call them back later. They really didn't want me to call them back saying they would call ne which sounded like it confirmed my suspicions of a scam - caller: 0808 099 6746

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Katharine12 Apr 2016

This no. called twice today, and twice yesterday.I don't know who it is and won't answer as I don't take unannounced calls. It's a real nuisance. - caller: 08080996746

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Havv14 Apr 2016

Asking about details, Claims to be Vodafone they should know my address and my name if they are really vodafone.. - caller: 0808 099 6746

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helenor hamilton14 Apr 2016

they called from this number saying they were Vodafone and that my SIN card was up for renewal !!!!! do SIM cards have to be renewed ? - caller: 08080996746 Vodafone

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Anonymousss14 Feb 2018

It is a scam, you’re just getting paid say that. - caller: Vodafone

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Possible phone number formats are 0808 099 6746, +44 808 099 6746, 08080996746, +448080996746.

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