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Got a call from +44 808 099 6746? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 14 Feb 2018.

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dan24 Jul 2015

Very rudd and pushy. I doubt that they have full access to vodafone database. They asked me about all secuirty details when i declined to give all details they were abusive and hung up.

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GS31 Jul 2015

Sick and tired of getting sales calls from Vodafone, especially at work. When I say I cannot take the call as am at work they press on, often yelling as it's so noisy in the background. Am thinking about changing provider as they are so annoying and persistent and never listen when I ask them not to call me. - caller: Vodafone

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Rachael06 Aug 2015

Have no idea who it is and they've rung me twice now, not happy.

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Mike06 Aug 2015

Caller falsely claimed to be one of our current suppliers and asked to speak to a particular staff member - who now works in different department. When told he would no longer be the person who deals with telephone services and asked for her "supplier no." (so I could find who the account had been re-assigned to) she claim she couldn't tell me, that she needed the particular staff member to confirm his details first. Obviously it's a phishing scam a some kind. - caller: Vodaphone

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Colin12 Aug 2015

Get a call on a daily basis getting annoying now, everyday for 3 weeks I don't have a visa phone account and I explained I don't want one please remove my number from your database but it's made no difference!!!! - caller: Vodafone

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Annonymous17 Aug 2015

This is a Vodafone call centre, if you go onto their website and type the number into the search bar it confirms the number is one which they call from.

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Lauren 19 Aug 2015

This number is nusince call. It had called me 3 times today and will not leave me alone. I tried to Take my number off the list but the didn't and I was still was getting calls.

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K Harris 29 Aug 2015

Repeatedly calling my mobile no messages left

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31 Aug 2015

This is not Vodafone, I checked with VF customer service and there is no record of a sales call from them. It is some other company either phising or trying to sell you something. Don't confirm your address and they will drop the call - caller: 08080996746

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02 Sep 2015

If you type the number into Vodafones website, a forum pops up which confirms the number. If the caller hasn't gone into your account which they can't do with DPA then it won't show they have accessed your account. - caller: 08080996746

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NickyOhMG04 Sep 2015

Couple calls today. I'm pretty sure it is genuine Vodafone (or made at request of Vodafone at least) as I recently requested a sim card on their site. Probably passed my details to another department/company to try sell upgrades. Usually give false details online but must've given real mobile number this time! Definitely chose not to be contacted by phone, text, post or email whatever details I left so they shouldn't be getting in touch for any reason - as there's no need to! Especially not to upgrade orders and sell other products. I'm hoping they haven't passed on my email to other third parties as well as my number as its been pretty much junk free since I set it up... i'll know who to blame if that changes. - caller: Vodafone (third party contact team)

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Anne07 Sep 2015

Got a call from this number today - I am a Vodafone customer but only upgraded my phone 4 months ago - don't need to upgrade again or require add-ons such a insurance etc, so will not be answering now I know who it is. If they persist, the number will be blocked. - caller: Allegedly Vodafon

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Abi17 Sep 2015

0808 099 6746 - similar numbers/same number had been phoning me once a day for last well. Decided to answer but having read the forums, I told the guy he had the wrong number when he asked for i was miss *****. Hopefully they won't phone again! - caller: 0808 099 6746

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Linda07 Oct 2015

This number calls me several times - caller: Don't answer

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Prozac Zombie02 Nov 2015

08080996746 called me today. This is not a scam exactly but they will say they are Vodafone when in fact they are one of their partners. They will offer you upgrades to your phone/package which are genuine, but it means your new contract will be through the partner and NOT direct to Vodafone. Everything is still fine but if you have a problem it can get messy dealing with any issue......Vodafone will tell you the contract is with another company, the partner company will direct you to Vodafone. If you have ever bought a contract through the likes of Carphone Warehouse you will know what I mean. - caller: Vodafone partner company.

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Ziggy 04 Nov 2015


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Anonymous 06 Nov 2015

Called me 3 times in one hour. Finally answered and they asked me for my first and third number of my '4 digit pin' which I don't acctually know. Told yhen 7 and 5 then they said that's correct and wanted my address. Very dodgy. Claimed to be Vodafone - caller: 'Vodafone'

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NEWTON19 Nov 2015

Am fed up receiving calls from this no. once / twice daily .Never hear anyones voice so cant tell them to do one. Must admit i dont think theyre from vodafone ,since ive been with them for 10 yrs plus and have never any problems.(Un)concerned.

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Nik19 Nov 2015

I didn't answer........I never answer unless I'm confident its NOT a junk call or sales people. I guess they've gotta job to do and I do have a degree of empathy for them........... but not enough to let them hassle me. - caller: 0808 099 6746

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Angelique13 Jan 2016

Never leaves a message. Who is this caller?

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18 Jan 2016

I'm with o2 but this number keeps calling me!! It's getting on my nerves as I'm not even with Vodafone!! - caller: 08080996746

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Wayne 21 Jan 2016

They have called me a couple of times now , claiming to be part of Vodafone, yes I am a Vodafone customer , so I kept claiming I couldn't hear them clearly and ask the person to sort out my network signal problems then call back , they then said there not from that department so again all I said was can't hear you due to signal, please inform correct Department about my signal and call me back only when issue has been sorted, they carried on talking rubbish so hung up - caller: Claims to be part of Vodafone

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gb21 Jan 2016

Had Numerous calls from this number 2/3 times a day always ignore it.Last was 5 mins ago. - caller: 08080996746

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Beth27 Jan 2016

They rang me this morning - caller: 0808 099 6746

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Char10 Feb 2016

This number called me today immediately blocked which is what I did to another number claiming to be Vodafone yesterday! Nuisance calls I'm not due for an upgrade for another year!! - caller: Vodafone

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Bev17 Feb 2016

I have received numerous calls from this number and after researching it is a scam I am fed up of this - caller: 08080996746

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Dumb24 Feb 2016

How do they know you're recovering? Are they mind readers, did you tell them? Why is this an issue? Don't be so ignorant.

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Vikki tarbuck24 Feb 2016

This number has been ringing me every day for coming up to a week now I haven't answered as it doesn't strike me as a legitimate number and there's no reason anyone should be cold calling me as I have opted out of that too! - caller: Unknown

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Annonymous07 Mar 2016

I have had several calls from this number claiming to be Vodofone and asking me security questions, and now I have a whopping bill! Please do not respond to these calls I am taking the matter further. Caller 08080996746 - caller: 08080996746

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Caroline B08 Mar 2016

This number tried to eat me a new data plan on my mobile. Said it was Vodafone. Asked me to go through security and asked me personal details. I wasn't happy giving that out so hung up. - caller: Supposedly Vodafone

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Possible phone number formats are 0808 099 6746, +44 808 099 6746, 08080996746, +448080996746.

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