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Got a call from +44 808 099 6746? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 14 Feb 2018.

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Pam31 Oct 2014

This number has been ringing me for the past week! About 4 times a day and im on O2 for gods sake dont know why vodafone is trying to contact me but i refuse to answer. if it is still happening in a week i will pick up and be VERY horrible lol - caller: Vodafone

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Gordon31 Oct 2014

So its Vodafone is it!! I have an account with them and spoke to someone briefly who told me their name but not the name of the company, I informed them that I do not do any business with cold callers but seeing that they had my number they might also have my address so they could write to me. This was a week ago and since then I have received 7 calls twice I have had 2 calls on the same day. I now regard them as nuisance calls and if they persist I will change my provider. - caller: Vodafone

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Hunter06 Jan 2015

This is a 'partner' company to Vodafone. Whenever I have contact with Vodafone customer service I always get a call or ten from them. It's very tedious having to deal with pushy sales calls every time. Number will be blocked. - caller: 'Onetel' Vodafone

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William30 Jan 2015

Beware - they asked for 'security' for 1st and 4th digit of my Vodafone four digit PIN number then said they were not recognised and asked for 2nd and 3rd numbers. I said 'no' was not providing security info and surprise surprise they pressed on anyway. I think this is a scam - caller: Supposedly Vodafone

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Fafikztor02 Mar 2015

received call today, says calling from Vodafone... Asked for line of address, I said hold on if you Vodafone then you know I have pin set... Of yes I can see that, what's your 1st, and 3rd digits.... Gave them Random numbers as had my suspicions by then. He then goes, that's correct, thank you! Hell it was not, so told him to never to call back. Now caller blocked. - caller: Claims to be Vodafone

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anonymous04 Mar 2015

Yes they've called me too and I'm only a kid! If they call again I'm gonna get mad. REAL mad.

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RWJE10 Mar 2015

"Twiggy" from Vodafone rang this afternoon. Sounded cheery enough, but was left speachless when I told her - in no uncertain terms - to go away. I am not with Vodafone, and, at this rate, never want to be! - caller: Vodafone (alledgedly)

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Anonymous02 Apr 2015

Keep ringing me and each time I tell them I am not with them and never will be . Next time they ring I will tell them in no uncertain terms to do one . - caller: 08080996746

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Norman Bell02 Apr 2015

I am receiving a call everyday from this number. It is a nuisance call.

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Sandra03 Apr 2015

When I asked who was calling they said Vodafone. A bit of general chit chat, asked if I was happy with the service then a minute later asked which phone company I was with!! I said well, you just told me you were from Vodafone so you should know I am with Vodafone!!! Was asking for pin number and 1st line of address. I said to email me as I didn`t give out information by phone. Next time this number comes up on my phone I will leave him nattering to himself.

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Ross07 Apr 2015

Yer it keeps calling me and I'm on three but when ever I answer no one talks so I've just block them - caller: 0808 099 6746

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Megan08 Apr 2015

They keep ringing twice everyday about five hours apart!

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anonymous 10 Apr 2015

i was just called by these people and I'm only a kid. by the comments I've read I know that they are from vodaphone and call multiple times. I've only been called once but if they call again I will block the number. because I don't appreciate people calling me. my provider isn't even vodaphone it's tesco mobile. - caller: 0808 099 6746

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HJS20 Apr 2015

I happened to be speaking to Vodafone today and mentioned the numerous calls I have had from this number, who when they got through to me today claimed to be from Vodafone and wanting my personal details to verify me before speaking to them - I refused. Vodafone advised this is not their representative and not to give any personal data. It is a scam.

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regmi22 Apr 2015

Nuisance call - caller: says vodafone

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Malcolm29 Apr 2015

This is a genuine number calling about renewing my contract with Vodafone. Mindful of above advice I at first declined to give information, however what he wanted to know is in the public domain anyway so I answered. I now have my contract renewed 20% cheaper than it was before, with unlimited data. It is being backed up with hardcopy via post. The guy was pleasant and helpful and I am happy with what has happened. - caller: Vodafone

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will06 May 2015

annoying. - caller: vodafone

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laura08 May 2015

Hi this is not a scam it is Vodafone seeing if they can offer you a better deal they ask you these questions to see if you are who you say you are they have been messaging me and emailing me to keep me updated with my package it will be delivered by dpd they work the same way as o2 does so everyone this is NOT A SCAM - caller: Vodafone

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StaceyR26 May 2015

Calls me at least 3 times a day. I never answer but I did call the number back from a landline, and it does appear to be vodafone ( a recognised recorded message ). - caller: Vodafone

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L Perry02 Jun 2015

I received 2 calls from this number within a couple of minutes of each other. The caller said nothing on the first call, then the second call merely said "you're funny". I am currently recovering from an operation - I do not have a vodafone telephone and do not want sales or prank calls from them or anyone else! - caller: No idea

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Matt Hawkins03 Jun 2015

Claims to be Vodafone ... but I'm not with Vodafone so it is illegal for them to be cold calling me. 8pm FFS! If you do business with cold callers you are asking to get scammed so beware! - caller: Mobile phone scammer

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Jane10 Jun 2015

I am with EE so dont know why they keep ringing me been 5times today and its only 2.40 p.m. - caller: Vodofone

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M Boyd23 Jun 2015

Annoying sales call number apparently - caller: Supposedly vodafone but possibly a scam

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terrier 24 Jun 2015

also keep ringing me ... I have never had opportunity to pick up on the call thanks to the above I will add to blocked number now - caller: says vodafone

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Dave02 Jul 2015

Have had two missed calls from this number in recent days. If the general consensus here is that it is Vodafone, all I can put it down to is that I was due to upgrade my EE phone on the 12th July only I got an early upgrade. Suspect it's someone who has bought contract expiry information and is targeting new customers. - caller: 08080996746

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Glynis03 Jul 2015

Constant telephone calls from this number in the past week!!

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ATid03 Jul 2015

Had 3 missed calls in the space of an hour - haven't answered. If it Vodafone, don't know why they are calling when they are not and never will be my network provider I've blocked the number now - caller: Apparently Vodafone

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sarah07 Jul 2015

Been getting a missed call from this number every day for the past few weeks. Nightmare. Today it rang for a split second then hung up. It's like they just need to show they've rung. I've been ignoring the call but will answer it next time and tell them to get lost! - caller: Vodafone apparently

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Annonymous20 Jul 2015

They called me twice today, I answered earlier and the person they were asking for wasn't here as their name is saved on my contract. Then said it was Vodaphone but I said they weren't here and then hung up. Then they just called me a minute ago but I refused to pick up as it sounded dodgy so I looked the number up and found this.... - caller: "Vodaphone"

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Alistair21 Jul 2015

This number has now called our house phone three times over two days. The first time I refused to answer as I assumed it was a call centre. The second time my mother answered and was hung up on. The third time I answered and there was only a slight buzz at the other end of the phone and nobody spoke so I hung up. - caller: 08080996746

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Possible phone number formats are 0808 099 6746, +44 808 099 6746, 08080996746, +448080996746.

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