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020 3129 8472
I got a call from this number claiming that I had booked a cab and run off without paying. Total scam
Last Post about 11 hours ago | 02031298472
024 7663 8575
Just had same. Man says he's reducing phone bill from next month to 12p and as soon as I said No hang on a minute The snake cuts off. Shall b reporting to BT also 5.30pm
Last Post about 12 hours ago | 02476638575
01229 314269
Said he is calling in regards to a business enquiry that was made August 2017. When asked in detail what he's aiming his call at - disconnected .. SPAM
Last Post about 14 hours ago | 01229314269
024 7663 8575
spammer looking to reduce telephone bill.
Last Post 2 days ago | 02476638575
0118 328 2061
A scam. Pretend to be Microsoft. They're not. Block this number.
Last Post 5 days ago | 01183282061
0113 322 1465
01133221465 this is Lantern Finance, formerly known as Motormile Finance based in Leeds, (Debt Collectors for many payday loan companies), called my number numerous times asking for someone else, I have only had this number a month so guess previous user is being chased by them. I was assured they would remove my number from their records and they would not call me again, let's see ...
Last Post 5 days ago | 01133221465
0113 334 6537
01133 346537 should be treated like a scam number. Calls from here proport to come from NewDay Ltd and NewDay UK Ltd and Ne3 (and many other companies with similar names that may well be genuine registered companies. This number often appears to cold call but MORE SERIOUS THAN THIS calls from this number often also fraudulently attempt to obtain money for non-existent depts. These people may h...
Last Post 6 days ago | 01133346537
01625 708263
Ambulance chasing scumbags. 3 times of telling them that I wasn't injured and they still persist in trying to get me to make a claim. GET REAL JOBS YOU TRAMPS
Last Post 6 days ago | 01625708263
0161 413 6993
Marketing for cheap deals for charities for gas and electric. What I really object to is where these people get an ex directory private home number from.
Last Post 7 days ago | 01614136993
01420 383042
Continued to call me and i finally blocked them
Last Post 7 days ago | 01420383042
01254 366221
Keeps pestering regarding google words not interested said I asked for call back , called me a liar when I said no such thing , I do not do business over the phone to unknown companies
Last Post 7 days ago | 01254366221
0116 245 3050
This number is ENTERPRISE - Car / Van Rental
Last Post 8 days ago | 01162453050
01603 488215
Called twice..absolutely no idea why theyve called me, am not familiar with powerhouse at all.
Last Post 8 days ago | 01603488215
0808 145 0371
it is going around again, skill fraudlant
Last Post 8 days ago | 08081450371
07458 333222
Last Post 9 days ago | 07458333222
07340 245585
asking me to join isis and jihadi he speaks arabic too and prove to me that he have connections in syria
Last Post 10 days ago | 07340245585
01229 314266
Called from Abergale informing us that our domain hosting fees were due and the credit card details were incorrect and we would loose our domain name and email address. Contacted our domain host and was informed that they would NEVER contact us in this way. Obviously a scam to get credit card details BEWARE
Last Post 12 days ago | 01229314266
07534 698037
hi Elliot ben is the best prankster
Last Post 12 days ago | 07534698037
01698 635034
This call came to my new sim card which has never been used to call out to anyone yet, only texts to friends and to ring my other phone, so the call must be a random unsolicited sales call.
Last Post 12 days ago | 01698635034
020 8144 3455
Repeated Scam calls to my aged Father telling him someone was using his computer. Caller claimed to be David from IT Support London My Dad called me panicking after the 8th call citing this is really serious
Last Post 13 days ago | 02081443455
0161 495 8179
The AA, daily repeat nuisance calls, staffed by desperate ex-cons and the like. Yeah, go ahead and give the crims at the AA your bank details, lol.
Last Post 13 days ago | 01614958179
07437 612595
Several texts from this number, all adult based. Who is it?
Last Post 13 days ago | 07437612595
0800 048 0473
This is DWP
Last Post 14 days ago | 08000480473
01942 400080
Missed call from 01942 400080
Last Post 14 days ago | 01942400080
020 2849 5159
Claim to be ftom BT I have continually asked to remove tel nos ftom their dial subsequently had call backs within minutes ...including automated messages .. We are not with BT ..BEWARE ..and if from BT cold calling is very outdated and to request to be removed from their calls should be dealt in case of future business.
Last Post 15 days ago | 02028495159
0113 320 4573
Was talking about PDAs and bank accounts
Last Post 15 days ago | 01133204573
07946 834861
Window salesman. Started off nice and when told I'm not looking for a couple of years, said okay bye and I was half way through a sentence! I'm in sales and this is the #1 thing not to do. Will not buy from DG Solutions now and will tell people that their staff are rude too!
Last Post 16 days ago | 07946834861
07860 027801
Text message from this number telling ‘Chelsea’ their loan had been approved and asking them to make contact
Last Post 16 days ago | 07860027801
0843 377 0643
hello, been getting calls from this number. can you please find out who is it
Last Post 16 days ago | 08433770643
01752 395173
This is a Plymouth Devon tel number - I called it back after getting 100's of Uber code numbers. I was so worried that someone was hacking the Uber account I had I actually got the Uber account deactivated. When I called the number I had a computer genaerated voice saying " The number you have reached does not accept Phone calls" . Clearly some spotty geek trying to hack the Uber system ....
Last Post 17 days ago | 01752395173

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