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0141 567 6200
Freedom To Insure. Trying to sell life insurance nucience calls a right pain in the arse ! And harassing me every day! It must be illegal surely?
Last Post about 14 hours ago | 01415676200
020 3287 5683
Scam threatening legal action if you fail to phone back immediately following supposed case against you.
Last Post about 18 hours ago | 02032875683
020 3287 5683
HMRC callback scam
Last Post about 18 hours ago | 02032875683
0117 379 0054
Clifton College asking for more cash.
Last Post about 22 hours ago | 01173790054
020 3003 4660
This was used on me as a fake Barclays scam. I received a text about a possible fraud and that text appeared to come from Barclays. When I marked the supposed transaction as being fraud they phoned from this number pretending to be the fraud department. I answered and they reassured me I could call the number on the back of my card. I had heard of ‘call back’ scams so instead of phoning anyon...
Last Post 1 day ago | 02030034660
020 3695 9226
Tko me zvao, ovo prijavljujem
Last Post 2 days ago | 02036959226
0113 499 0057
Answered call, as the area code was local, no one spoke for a few seconds and then an automated voice started speaking to me, could tell it was automated from my responses to questions. Caller was asking about an accident I had 3 years ago in a car. Not had accident so probably a scam call, blocked number.
Last Post 2 days ago | 01134990057
01952 684756
This number 01952 684756 has telephoned more than once. It is a nuisance when you pick up the phone and there is no one answering.
Last Post 2 days ago | 01952684756
01482 489655
Last Post 3 days ago | 01482489655
01268 886695
this number is quite safe, it is the UK European Consumer Centre, which dealt with a complaint of mine against
Last Post 3 days ago | 01268886695
01872 309895
Owners are Nathan Alan Coombe - OSA.ME.UK and All bunch of online scammers! Chris Funnell is also an established scammer and a crook. Research well and you will find court cases, fraud charges and news paper articles and many other scams
Last Post 4 days ago | 01872309895
01245 454420
This number is for Linden Homes. It was call back after an enquiry about new homes.
Last Post 4 days ago | 01245454420
020 3936 3787
Received a call from 0203 9363787 at approx. 1.30pm today. Asked why he was calling and that this was a 'cold call ' and under new legislation this was not appropriate. 'Its not a cold call mate'. I told the caller I was not his mate and he started to get confrontational. I hung up on the caller. About 2 minutes later the same number phoned me back. I ignored the call
Last Post 4 days ago | 02039363787
07418 938845
It’s Mr Miah from Newlyn Debt
Last Post 4 days ago | 07418938845
01603 286682
N&N Hospital
Last Post 5 days ago | 01603286682
020 8433 6062
Pretended could not hear me. Bait to call back.
Last Post 5 days ago | 02084336062
0151 920 0209
Call fro 01519200209 who is this
Last Post 5 days ago | 01519200209
0118 328 3081
Seems like a scam. Say they are ringing from Microsoft but when I phoned back they are microtech. Tell you there is a virus on your computer. No doubt they would remote on but wasn’t going to chance it. Beware !!!!!
Last Post 5 days ago | 01183283081
07496 791405
Last Post 5 days ago | 07496791405
01273 823557
Sir kindly a m looking for unclaimed property to claim as a next of kin to share as partners if no heirs to claim
Last Post 5 days ago | 01273823557
020 3808 6912
Upozorite na ovaj početku brojevi isti samo se mjenjaju zadnja tri broja.ovo je prvi tip broja koji me zvao.
Last Post 6 days ago | 02038086912
0843 289 1308
I did exactly the same thing as j bee above. Don't trust this at all.
Last Post 6 days ago | 08432891308
01442 878544
maybe a scam? didn't answer call
Last Post 6 days ago | 01442878544
0843 289 1308
Now the number for call phone garage listing canon eos 6d body for £250. I stupidly ordered one and the website declined the card payment and asked me to do a bank transfer......that's where I stopped and I have called my card provider.
Last Post 6 days ago | 08432891308
020 3566 0449
Heavily accented woman says my internet is about to be cut off - some sort of scam no doubt
Last Post 6 days ago | 02035660449
020 8133 8270
computer dialling, as characterised by that short wait while an answered call is connected to someone, Person with foreign accent demanded to speak to the business owner. Hung up.
Last Post 6 days ago | 02081338270
01273 907868
Why did he/she call me
Last Post 6 days ago | 01273907868
01269 839047
The reason you cant call back, is because these are skype numbers that block incoming calls. The original idea of this, was that you could set up a business in india, Thailand, Phillipines etc and it would so as a British number. Ebay for example work this way, as do Barclays. Ever noticed how they call from Mumbai or Davao city and it still comes up with London, Manchester, norwich, ipswich et...
Last Post 8 days ago | 01269839047
01865 528700
Bad line - something about an online survey - message left on voicemail was over two minutes long, deleted after about 10 seconds.
Last Post 9 days ago | 01865528700
0121 318 6970
These imbeciles called me over 10 times in a matter of ten minutes yesterday even after I told them to stop calling me. the person they were asking for has not working for this company for nearly 10 years and they were calling back laughing like petty children because they knew it was stopping us running a business, Bunch of idiots.
Last Post 9 days ago | 01213186970

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