01269839047 is a landline and located in Ammanford (UK).

Calls started on April 24th, 2015.

There has been a total of 79 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 1269 839047? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 11 Aug 2018.

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Mrs P12 Jun 2015

Slightly creepy Asian speaking gentleman asking to speak to the owner of the business. I asked who is calling, and he said: My name is "Peter" you must be the wife (!), so I said what business are you calling from? He mumbled something about Telecom Services offering you a deal on your telephone. I said no thank you. He said: What is your name? I said it doesn't matter, we are not interested, goodbye. "Peter" then said oh ma'am please don't go. I said again we are not interested. He then said: But you have a lovely voice ma'am. I just said goodbye! I could still hear him complimenting me and saying don't hang up, hello hello, as I hung up! - caller: Telecom Services?

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Charlie07 Dec 2015

I've just had all my personal information stolen this weekend. This number called me claiming to be the citizens advice bureau and said I had debt. When I said cynically I didn't think so he hung up immediately. I think my information has been sold on... Bugger. - caller: 01269 839047 Ammanford

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Tony09 Dec 2015

Just called my mobile. As I didn't recognise the number immediately I decided not to answer. I read the above comments & am glad I didn't! - caller: 01269 839047

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David14 Dec 2015

Caller was male with strong indian accent. Claimed to be calling from Credit Investigation Dept (this time - previously Citizens Advice). I asked him which company and he waffled about being regulated in Financial Services. Againg I asked which company and explained that a department is a division of a bigger organisation. He then claimed to work for the UK government. Told him to "f*ck off" and he terminated call. Tried to phone number back to harass him but the number showing is invalid. Anyone have any numbers I can use to call this scum. - caller: Cridit Investigation Dept.

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Steve21 Dec 2015

Received a telephone call from an Asian man saying he was phoning from BT and that there was a problem with my internet connection and they have switched it off till I fix the problem (internet was not switched off). I informed him that my internet was not with BT to which he replied that BT own 75% of the internet in the UK and other companies have to pay to use it (I have a feeling that is what is known as a lie). He said he needed to talk me through deleting some files on my computer otherwise he would not switch my internet back on. Not sure what he was trying on, because as soon as I would have got to my PC I would have seen that my internet was still connected. Told him that my land line is no where near my PC and advised him to call back at a decent time (he phoned me before 8 in the morning).

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Nicola11 Jan 2016

Received a call at 07.35 in the morning from an Asian speaking male sounding as though he was in a call centre. Told me my BT Internet gateway was unsafe & being hacked and about 20 000 users were being affected. He gave me his name as John Wright and gave me a BT ID no. He then wanted me to turn on my computer. I was very suspicious and said not until my husband was home & I wouldn't use my computer today, to which he replied my computer would still be hacked when off. I told him to call back in 10 mins so I could get up & turn computer on purely to get rid of him. Then I checked the call no & found this site. I haven't answered the phone & he called back 4 times on the run. - caller: 01269 839047

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Linda15 Jan 2016

Had a call from this number yesterday morning and hung up. They rang again today at 7.30am and again a few minutes later. Strong Asian accent, gave his name which I can't remember. Claimed he was from BT and that there was a problem with my internet which could be hacked and that BT were trying to solve it. He said it would take about 15 minutes for them to correct the fault and that I should go and sit in front of my computer and turn it on. I told him that I don't have time to do this at 7.30 in the morning and would call BT and check his claims, he hung up. Now I have read this blog I will not answer calls from this number. - caller: 01269839047

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Gill Paterson15 Jan 2016

Just got a call from an Asian person saying he was from BT, and he was about to disconnect my Broadband connection. I said "OK". He said "You are ok with that" ? I said, yes. He said "But it will be disconnected for at least two months", I said "fine". Just knew this was a scam, but then looked online to see if anyone else had reported it. Surely someone somewhere from BT should be able to delete this account and stop them from phoning. Don't quite understand what the company has to gain from these hoax calls, but thankfully know it is rubbish !!! - caller: 01269 839047

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CARL SWIFT18 Jan 2016

Had a phonce call today from this number from someone with a heavy Asian accent who claimed he worked for BT and that our internet line would be disconnected within the next 2 hours. I asked for a number that I could call him back on to verify, he reeled off a number so quickly I never had a chance to write it down so I asked him to repeat more slowly, again he rapidly said a number so i just hung up. Will see if my internet is disconnected....! - caller: 01269839047

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Benjamin20 Jan 2016

A man with an Indian accent said they're 'calling about my computer'. 9/10 calls I get on my landline are from telemarketers or scams so I only answer it if I'm in a mood to play with them. I was hoping to play the 'oh there's something wrong with it is there...' game with them as I'd just poured a cup of tea, but when I said 'oh, someone calling again about my computer?' he hung up. I feel sure the call was just made to look like it was from Wales. The connection time sounded like he was calling from another continent.

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Zoe romain25 Jan 2016

Called at 7.30am and spoke to my 9 yo daughter as she answered, when she passed to me he hung up? Dirty creepy pervert.

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Mrs Green09 Feb 2016

Just had a call from this number at 7:45am. The man at the other end was claiming to be from BT and started asking questions, I could tell it was a SCAM and put the phone down. - caller: 01269839047

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Busy Mum12 Feb 2016

Had a call from this number at 8am this morning claiming we have problems with our internet (which we actually do at present, but BT are dealing with). Caller did say he was with BT but something didn't seem right with his approach. Asked caller to call back in 2hrs, glad I checked this number as I thought code was strange for BT. Will alert BT today regarding this caller. - caller: 01269 839047

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Yummy Mum12 Feb 2016

This number phoned me - from Ammanford and I didn't recognise number so I didn't answer then googled it and found this....will add to blocked callers. - caller: 01269839047 - Ammanford

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Lau TV22 Feb 2016

I got a missed call from this number registered as Ammanford when I tried calling it back, the message said there was no such number!!!!! I have subsequently blocked the caller now.

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Paddy22 Feb 2016

I'm assuming they have managed to get numbers from BT as a large number of people on here stated the caller was from BT. I base this on the fact they now seem to be changing tact. I was asked by this number if I would take part in a survey on behalf of EdFe and other companies and would only take 3mins. Needless to say I told her I was on my way out and couldn't. Apparently it would benefit me to answer the questions!? Yeah whatever.

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Ben23 Feb 2016

01269 839047 Ammanford Got a call from this number. I didn't answer it and came straight online to find this page. Totally glad I did.

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Doug taylor23 Feb 2016

Received a missed call from this number. Thanks for the heads up folk! - caller: 01269 839047 Ammanford

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Eggers23 Feb 2016

Got a missed call from this number- glad I checked here - caller: 01269 839047 Ammanford

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Paul09 Mar 2016

Just received a call from this number claiming that my BT line would be disconnected. I replied ok and the caller asked if that was a problem. I just said no that's fine, he couldn't understand why I was not bothered but just hung up. What I suspect he wanted was either access to a computer or perhaps payment to stop the disconnection. This is just a job to these people and they have no morals whatsoever. If BT or whoever were forced to investigate every call it would stop overnight.

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David11 Mar 2016

Same story: Asian accent, claiming to represent BT Technical Services. Internet will be cut off in 30 minutes. My wife answered and passed him to me. I told him he was lying and he rang off. He was ringing on a Virgin phone line. The number ostensibly used is not recognised. More importantly, Ofcom's website does not appear to have a facility for reporting this. Why not? - caller: 01269 839047

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Anatasia Kennedy 11 Mar 2016

I had a missed call from this number on my mobile...very very concerned about how they got my mobile number

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Ceri12 Mar 2016

They rung at 9:06am, I answered but they hung up, tried calling back half a ring and it was cut off, and I had a message on the phone screen saying, the call cannot be connected.

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Upset Pensioner21 Mar 2016

Have received several phone calls from Asian man, today said he was called Peter. Wanted to discuss my computer and internet. I have told them I do not want to deal with them. They do not seem to take 'No' for an answer - caller: peter

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Mrs S21 Mar 2016

Had a call from this number today 21st March. It was a foreign man and had trouble understanding him but basically he said he was from BT and my internet was going to be disconnected and he would send me documents in the post to have it reconnected. I asked him again where he was calling from and he hung up

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Mrs G22 Mar 2016

Just had a call from this number. Second "spam" call of today. Foreign man saying he was from BT. Mumbled something about the internet connection and then wanted to know if I was the owner of the computer in the house. I said his was the second call of this nature this morning and could I have his number. He hung up.

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Colin24 Mar 2016

Ditto the same BT scam. When I challenged him he hung up. Surely BT should be on to this? Will msg them and post the response. - caller: 01269 839047

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Gill26 Mar 2016

Early morning call from this number claiming to be BT. Informed me that my Internet connection was corrupt and would be switched off in two hours for six months! When I was asked to take down his contact details for a special code to connect me I ended the call. - caller: Apparently BT!

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Adam26 Mar 2016

Had a missed call from this number. My home phone has a Call blocking facility that blocks all numbers not stored in my phone, phone did not even ring and I have googled this number which has led me here. Get a call blocking phone and it gets rid of this kind of pest. - caller: 01269839047

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Karl26 Mar 2016

This number has rang 3 times this morning ( saturday ) i answed on 3rd attempt but nothing?? Cant wait to speak to him tho 😉 - caller: 01269 839047

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Possible phone number formats are 01269 839047, +44 1269 839047, 01269839047, +441269839047.

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