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Got a call from +44 1269 839047? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 26 Oct 2017.

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Deborah28 Mar 2016

An Indian sounding man, told me he was calling from BT Technical dept and my computer is at risk of being hacked. I told him that I didn't believe he was from BT, and asked him to verify who he thought he was speaking to, he gave me my name! I then said, what is my Account No. then, he started to get a bit irate, telling me he was from the technical dept and they didn't hold that information!! I then said, well, If you're from BT and there's a problem, I'll call them tomorrow and ask to speak to their technical team. He then said "Madam, your internet is going to be shut down in 30 minutes". I just hung up and then checked the number. - caller: 01269 839047

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Nicola29 Mar 2016

I've just had an early morning call from the same number, possibly the same asian bloke.. I think he calls early because he's calling from India. I just said to him "This better be good".. then he started his spiel, and I screamed at him to "FUCK OFF".. he's just tried to call again but I haven't answered - caller: 01269839047

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Diana01 Apr 2016

I have had a number of missed calls from 01269 839047 - very annoying as I run my own business. Today I answered the phone and and a man with a heavy Asian accent claimed he was called from BT about my internet connection. I asked him what about my internet connection. He said did I know that it was going to be disconnected in two hours time. I asked why? I then said that I would take his number to call him back to make sure he was who he claimed to be. He immediately rang off. He clearly attempting to commit fraud. Is there anyone that these people can be reported to and prosecuted for misrepresentation at the very least?

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Greg04 Apr 2016

Just had this call myself. Didn't answer as I was on a call and am abroad anyway. Didn't recognise it obviously - looks like I made a good choice not to answer. 😊

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Ken05 Apr 2016

I got a call from this number and believe it to be a scam whereby they convince you there is a virus on your computer then try and sell you software for over £100 to clear the virus. They try and get a screen share with you or else instruct you to open a terminal window and show you your active TCP connections with the “netstat” command (this is not harmful BTW). They try and convince you one or more of these connections are to a hacker. With me I got an initial call from “BT” about my internet connection. Then he tried to get me to open a screen share with him. I refused but suspect it was to do the “netstat” command to show me “bad” TCP connection. He said an engineer would be outside my house shortly and huing up. 10 minutes later I got another call and they got me to do the “netstat” command. I told him I didn’t believe any of these TCP connections were not legitimate. He said if I did not help him fix this virus, due to Data Protection Act(!), my internet connection would be disabled for 6 months. I told him both he and I knew that was a lie. He hung up.

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Peter05 Apr 2016

This number called this morning but left no message - caller: 01269 839047

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Tony W05 Apr 2016

Had 2 silent calls this morning from this number. With spam calls I usually say 'hold on' and just leave the line open until they twig & hang up. If it's a British voice on the line I advise them to get a proper job...I hope it winds them up. - caller: (None)

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Rox05 Apr 2016

Lady telling me I had been involved in accident which wasn't my fault. She slammed phone down on me when I said I was fine ... Nutter! - caller: Didn't catch name

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Susan 05 Apr 2016

Everyday at least 3 times a day I get a call from the above number. Not answered it as they never leave a message. After reading the reports that have already been made, I'm glad I haven't. I have now blocked this number. - caller: Unsure

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Ian L05 Apr 2016

"I've been informed you were in an accident that wasn't your fault" - pity I can't return the favour .. - caller: 01269 839047

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Tim06 Apr 2016

Received a call from this number today. Asian accent, Said from BT internet technical department. I asked him what my name was and hung up when he gave the wrong one.

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Darryl06 Apr 2016

Called me today, I was in a meeting so couldn't answer. When I finished the meeting I called the number only to see that it was invalid. Upon checking the above, it would seem that I didn't miss out on anything. Shame that I couldn't speak to them, I could do with letting some abuse go on a deserving cause! Number now blocked!! - caller: 01269 839047 Ammanford

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ma07 Apr 2016

received call today from 01269 839047 - didn't answer and glad I didn't - caller: 01269 839047

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Michael 07 Apr 2016

I just got a call from this number. So i asked if he was calling about Colin, my giraffe . I refused to be swayed from Colin. According to my phone, I kept it up for 2 mins 44 seconds before he hung up.

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LJB dad07 Apr 2016

Both my partner and I have received a call from this number on our mobiles within minutes of each other which cant be a coincidence. Checked the number and found this, this number needs to be sourced and blocked esp if he is claiming to be from BT. - caller: 01269839047

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Mia07 Apr 2016

Got a text message from this number saying 'Missed call: this number called at 14.21 but left no message.' Bizarrely had another call from a scam number at exactly the same time. - caller: 01269839047

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Darren08 Apr 2016

Just had a call from this number, as my business mobile i answered....after 4 seconds and no words they hung up without saying a word. Looks like another scam! - caller: 01269 939047

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anon08 Apr 2016

unsolicited - caller: unknown

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Jonathan 08 Apr 2016

Recieved a missed call (immediately missed as I was on my phone at the time) don't bother calling back.

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P V09 Apr 2016

Caller blocked.

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Andy11 Apr 2016

The idea behind these calls is to either get you to disclose additional information that can be used to Hack into one of your accounts, to get you to download manually some program to your PC (Manually to bypass any Firewalls or Virus protection you have) or to simply extort money from you.

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Angela11 Apr 2016

01269 839047 from AMMANFORD, WALES! Got a missed call from this number, so I checked the internet and found this:)) - caller: 01269 839047

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SW12 Apr 2016

Just had a phone call from this number An asian guy said he was from BT and whilst i have been using my computer for last two hours. It had been hacked. He was insistant i log onto my Computer I told him i hadnt used it today. He still tried to push for me to log on i said no and hung up. After reading the below messages turns out i made the right choice. Beware!! - caller: 01269 839047

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Ian Stapleton12 Apr 2016

got this call last night but did not answer it as I did not recognise it, it was to my private mobile and not my work one which is strange. Anyway I checked it and found the cmment below. Glad I did. - caller: did not answer

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Donna13 Apr 2016

I was called this morning from 'London, England 020 7946 1413' and decided not to answer it. I instantly received a message stating that I had a missed call from +44 1269 839047. So glad I didn't answer the call :)

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Maggie13 Apr 2016

I had a call from 01269 839047 saying same thing, my internet would be disconnected, I said ok "that's great" he replied, what is great about that? I replied, I do not have Internet, now f--k off and aquire some morals!!! - caller: 01269 839047

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Graham13 Apr 2016

Just had a missed call from this number, glad I had missed it. No message left... Really annoying to think I could have interrupted something important just to be mugged off by this clown. Thanks everyone for sharing. - caller: UK

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Jeremy14 Apr 2016

Calls at around 10:00. Tells me that he is from British Telecom. He is calling because "We have detected a problem with your computer". He is insistent that I must log on to my machine so that he can help me to resolve this problem. We are not with BT and he is obviously a dodgy character. But Hey! I'm retired and time spent "helping" me is time not available for scamming someone else. "Can I call you back? I'm rather busy just now." "No sir, this is not a help desk. This very urgent." [Sounds like this is offshore] He transfers me to a "Technical specialist" "Can you wait, my laptop is upstairs." [More time wasting but my pc is upstairs] "Look at the left side of the keyboard. Hold down the Ctrl key and the black flag key" He wants me to enter the sequence EVENTVWR. This opens the event log. Look up this item on Wikipedia where all is explained, including "Often used by scammers" to persuade users that there is a problem with their machine. "I'm sorry but I have to go now. Can you call back in say an hour?" Amazingly he does call back three hours later but I really don't have the time to play. - caller: Claims to be from BT; offers to fix problem with my p.c.

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Lee15 Apr 2016

I got a call from this number, a Asian woman claiming to be from Nationwide Building Society. Wanting to speak to my Cousin. She gave his full name and my address, though he has never lived here and told her so. Can I ask your name she asks? I said no, why do you need them. She then hangs up. - caller: Not given

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Andy15 Apr 2016

Got a call from this number but never answered, glad I didn't now.

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Possible phone number formats are 01269 839047, +44 1269 839047, 01269839047, +441269839047.

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