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Got a call from +44 1269 839047? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 26 Oct 2017.

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John E Miller18 Apr 2016

Two calls so far today from this number. One at 14.47 and next at 15.14. On answering phone get silence followed by a female voice saying goodbye. - caller: 01255 870889

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Miss C18 Apr 2016

Had a missed call from this number today, tried calling back but no answer! Thankfully I have found this post when googling the number! Hope he calls back, as I am just in the mood!!! - caller: 01269 839047

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Lisa20 Apr 2016

Just had a call from this number 01269839047. Didn't answer the call as didn't recognise the number. We always google a number we don't know. - caller: 01269839047.

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Lch22 Apr 2016

Telephoned requesting to speak to my late dad regarding a medical insurance. When i explained my father had passed away 18 months ago and how they got my number hung up. - caller: 01269839407

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Michael22 Apr 2016

Call from an Asian man asked for me by name. I said there is no-one here by that name so he said f**k you and cut me off!

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Jon25 Apr 2016

Had a call from this number for the accident scam. Very politely asked where the caller had obtained my number as it was a restricted UK government number, and the simple act of accessing the number was a threat to national security and an offence against the crown. I added that the call was being traced and to expect a visit from UK security services. Boom call disconnected. - caller: Accident claims

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H.27 Apr 2016

Got a missed call from this number. I always check unknown phone numbers now. I like to block them before they get a second chance at calling me. Glad I checked on this number.

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Rachael28 Apr 2016

Just missed a call from this number Ammanford Wales again. Now have read the comments will try to block but let's face it that doesn't always work! - caller: 01269 839047 Ammanford, Wales

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Craig28 Apr 2016

Had a missed call on my company mobile today. I never answered and checked this site. Blocked the caller on my phone. - caller: 01269 839047

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Sam28 Apr 2016

Dodgy sounding line saying they had been informed I'd been in an accident (I had three days previously). Said they were transferring me to their supervisor at which point I hung up and looked on here.

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James29 Apr 2016

Received a call to my mobile saying he was calling from 'The Pension Dept'. I asked which company it was, he replied 'The pension dept'. I asked the pension dept of where? The government? Replied "no" I asked him if he knew who my pension was with? He replied "no" I hung up. - caller: Male

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Magic mike02 May 2016

There new one is to say that they will just ask three simple questions and it won't take long , I asked him a few simple question to which he stumbled a lot and put the phone down. - caller: Mike

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FactoryPilot03 May 2016

Called at 5.45am and woke me up! Ammanford, Wales... Didn't answer, and saw this site. Thanks guys. Will block number now. - caller: 01269839047

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Paul Whitaker16 Jun 2016

As I have a Marketing, Advertising and PR company - and generally avoid picking up the phone to a number I don't recognise - I tell the spam ones that do manage to get through that I will report them to The Advertising Standards Authority for investigation... The ASA is there to protect the public from dubious advertising claims and has authority to take action against companies which breach their regulations; their requirement is that advertising/PR messages should be "Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful" at all times. I did get a call from the number you quote which I simply ignored and, though it would not pass the ASA's standards they're probably too thick to know that! - caller: Unknown

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MM13 Jul 2016

haha- funny message Harry! Honestly - no smoke without fire. These Indians are so deceitful.

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Paul Whitaker14 Jul 2016

Got a call similar to this some time ago while I was flying a light aircraft from Leeds Bradford International Airport... Told him I had just taken off and was climbing to the designated flight level so couldn't talk as i was taking instructions from Air Traffic Control... He suddenly lost all interest in whatever he was trying to sell me - asking me how to fly an aeroplane! Mentioned i was happy to take him up to perform aerobatics and when I mentioned we don't carry parachutes he suddenly found something else to do and that was the last I ever heard from them... - caller: Not known

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Georgina26 Oct 2017

I received a call from this number on my mobile device, it is not the first one from the Ammanford area. Previously they have tried to con information out of me regarding my life insurance policy, however they did not know who I was with or what my policy number was so I hung up. I did not answer this call as I learnt from that experience. Every unknown number that calls I now block and google, they are always scammers!

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Possible phone number formats are 01269 839047, +44 1269 839047, 01269839047, +441269839047.

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