01892500769 is a landline and located in Tunbridge Wells (UK).

Calls started on March 12th, 2015.

There has been a total of 32 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 1892 500769? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 20 Apr 2016.

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Dan13 Mar 2015

I have just received a call from this number claiming to be some sort of motor accident claims company advising me I have been involved in an accident in the last two and a half years. I haven't but before telling them that I asked where they got my details - they claim the DVLA. Another bunch of ambulance chasers!

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Bjorn13 Mar 2015

3 calls in two days from this number, bloody anoying

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Pete16 Mar 2015

3-4 calls per day from this number...bawbags! - caller: 01892 500769

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dave17 Mar 2015

Still calling me despite asking them to stop - caller: 01892 500769

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Stuart18 Mar 2015

Tried to tell me I'd had an accident within the last two years. When I said no, tried to argue I had, then hung up when I told them I didn't accpet scamming/sales calls. The Government must make this invalid intrusion illegal and fine the companies continuing to do this heavily, including individual directors, to deter them. - caller: Motor Assist

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dave19 Mar 2015

Four calls per day in last three days and nobody speak to me grrrrrrrrr bloody annoying it is.

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19 Mar 2015

This week alone they have called me about 12 times. Every single day, Its driving me crazy!!!! - caller: 01892 500769

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bugsey b24 Mar 2015

7 calls today! They've hung up every time I've answered!

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Hugh26 Mar 2015

Just been awoken from a most pleasant dream by these cold callers...they say I am due for an accident.

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Fiona 27 Mar 2015

2 calls in the space of 3 hours.... A*seholes.

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Suzie31 Mar 2015

Rang my mobile (which incidentally is listed on TPS) and hung up. Oddly have only had this call since a second party calling on behalf of nPower called very recently. Feels like they have sold/ passed on my contact details........ - caller: Spam caller

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Robert02 Apr 2015

From motor assist based in liverpool claiming dvla gave details that I was involved in an accident 2 years ago hahahaha I never had a car then. I called dvla who said they don't hand out any information ever, also as they are not an insurance company lol. They are now going to look into this cold calling scam using dvla's good name. - caller: motor assist

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Barry08 Apr 2015

Motor Assist about accident not had, constantly call and when let them know not involved in accident are rude and hang up!! Call numerous times at inconvenient times - caller: Motor Assit

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Jenna08 Apr 2015

Keep getting calls from this number but they always hang up also getting calls at home but they come up international but they are always around the same time anyone else had this

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fiona09 Apr 2015

wont stop calling my mobile when i tell them dont call back they do so today i picked the phone and when i didnt answer they haved called back 6 times today ,to much.,

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jo13 Apr 2015

Getting them ring mobile and land-line seconds between each other

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Missy17 Apr 2015

Called me saying I'm due a claim for an accident, said they were motor assist. When I said I wasn't they just hung up on me. Still keep calling, so rude! Wish the government would sort these cold callers out it's daytime harassment!!! - caller: Motor Assist

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Debbie 17 Apr 2015

Two calls today alone. Managed to answer both. This company has been calling me for weeks stating that I've been in an accident and they got my details from the DVLA. I keep asking them to remove my number from their database. Tried to make a formal complaint to the complaint to the company but having trouble finding an address. When I do fins them they will be sent a bill for my time. Very rude on the phone and hang up on me without answering any of my questions.

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cb20 Apr 2015

Had a few calls from this number, mostly missed but a few moments ago just had someone scream profanities down the line! have reported to authorities as well

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Louise21 Apr 2015

Had four calls today so far from this number. I answered the last one just so I could tell them to stop calling me. When I said hello several times, there was no response. There should be a law against these nuisance callers.

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Bob22 Apr 2015

So stupid when I am busy this number keeps calling me and I get so frustrated - caller: Unknown

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Caroline28 May 2015

I keep receiving calls from the same people but they are using two numbers the other number used is 01892 576669 no body speaks on this number though, - caller: 01892576669

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Kelly26 Aug 2015

Called regarding life insurance, and knew my name. I asked her where she got my number as I am signed up to TPS, and she said she would make sure my number was taken off the list...she said that last time too...absolute trash these companies. They want to get community service for this harassment, never mind a fine. They want shaming for the filth they really are! - caller: Too stupid for a real job

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Flo Gales17 Nov 2015

I think they've just started using 01892 704151. Off to block it now. Thank goodness for these websites where you can check and block. - caller: ?

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Roger Michaels22 Mar 2016

Received call on my mobile 22.3.16 - caller had my name. Claimed to be from a company that worked with the DVLA and linked to the Motor Vehicle Insurance Bureau. Said that his records showed that I had had an accident in the previous two and a half years (bunkum). Told him his records were wrong - he immediately rang off (before I had a chance to tell him what I thought about him and his ilk.)

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Joe29 Mar 2016

God be damned nut dooers!! - caller: 01892500769

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Richard Clark29 Mar 2016

3 times in one hour. It rings for about 5 seconds then stops. Apparently this site says they are claiming to be car accident investigators chasing payouts. - caller: Unknown

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Mitchell29 Mar 2016

They have called me previously and has been a automated voice recognition system, don't answer - caller: 01892 500769

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DF29 Mar 2016

Just got called from this number and a "woman" I use the word "woman" loosely in this case told me I'm pathetic for not giving up information to her. - caller: A "woman" with a Liverpool accent

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Alex30 Mar 2016

Get about 5 calls a week of this number , sometimes 3 times a day , never answered , however it says Tunbridge Wells under the number which could be the location , not too sure - caller: 01892 500769

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Possible phone number formats are 01892 500769, +44 1892 500769, 01892500769, +441892500769.

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