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Got a call from +44 1269 849064? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 15 Feb 2017.

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Neil19 Nov 2014

Man from India trying to gain access to your computer by getting you to type in certain things. Knew was dodgy from start, had fun with it for a while then told them where to go - not politely!

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Martin12 Feb 2015

Dodgy - caller: 01269849064

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Elisabeth17 Feb 2015

Have previously blocked this number on my mobile after I had a silent call and then checked the number on internet. After that I've had an endless number of calls from they - last one today. It seems to go in cycles, as if they're hoping you'll forget inbetween... Idiots! - caller: Some form of scam

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Ruth23 Feb 2015

This number 01269 849064 keeps on calling me every other day, checked the number and no one answers?! Fed up of this now and it's really irritating when you block the number that they keep on trying by altering the STD Code or to +44 UK line... STOP Calling!! Defo a Scam - Just has to be!!

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Mike02 Apr 2015

recived a call on 01/04/2015 but my phone was off - no message left

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Jon02 May 2015

Scam - caller: +44 1269 849064

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Frank06 May 2015

Received a call from 01269849064 but missed it. Having read the first comment here about it being from a bogus IT company I'm gutted I didn't answer it now, I love winding them up no end.

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Chloe 12 May 2015

Missed multiple calls from this phone number, all I know is they are spammy and don't want to answer them. Called from two numbers, but both have same beginning, +44 1269 849064 +44 1269 849868 - caller: +44 1269 849064, +44 1269 849868

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Joanna Melville-Richards20 May 2015

Phoned my mobile number

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paula27 Jul 2015

why am still receiving these calls when I am on TPS. People like this want stopping - caller: don 't know didn't answer but the number is also 03331553031 same person

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Fran20 Aug 2015

Just answered to this number, guy said he was from Yorkshire recovery or something. I immediately thought debt collectors so asked what it was in regards to, and the man told me it was in conjunction to the car accident I had a while back. When I told him I'd not been in any car accident ever he immediately just hung up - caller: Dodgy accident recovery group

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John30 Oct 2015

indian man called to say that he was from Microsoft and claimed my computer was sending him lots of error messages. Totally bogus.

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Oakendene30 Oct 2015

Same as John above - called at 12.30 mwhere I work. Asked if I was owner of computer. I said No (have also had these calls at home) and he rang off .... - caller: Indian guy climing to be from Microsoft

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Tony02 Nov 2015

Call registered on Answer phone but no message left.

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ukippers06 Nov 2015

called several times and left no message

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Me06 Nov 2015

Indian or similar accent. Claimed to be calling from something-or-other accident helpline about a minor accident which I hadn't had. - caller: ??????? accident helpline.

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Chris09 Nov 2015

Put the phone down when I told him that I charge £100 per survey. Now blocked. - caller: unknown

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sue livermore09 Nov 2015

got a call from this number an indian man claiming to be from microsoft wanting access to my computer i told him it was a scam and that i wouldnt be doing anything to which he replied with a barrage of abuse calling me a f****** bitch and that i should hang up and die

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Andy10 Nov 2015

Told him that my number is registered with TPS and that he is breaking the law. He wished me a nice day and rang off. He gives an English sounding name but is clearly from the sub-continent by his strong accent.

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A ggy10 Nov 2015

I have been plagued every hour on the hour by withheld telephone number calls all of which failed to leave a message when my machine activated. This number was the same, but I have no idea who the caller was the STD code indicates its a place called Ammanford in Carmarthenshire. I have no relatives there

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Peter Hayward11 Nov 2015

Dead call - caller: 01269 849064

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Shannon11 Nov 2015

call from 01269 849064 a man with a slight Indian accent said he was from Microsoft calling back from a virus check request. he asked if I was the owner of the computer, after saying "no" he got very personal, asking of my name, age, education, if I have a boyfriend etc, trying to "flirt" saying my voice is attractive, I have a beautiful name. caught him out when I replied with "considering you're supposed to be a member of staff at Microsoft I don't think your manager would be very impressed if I reported you for chatting up, well more like harassing customers especially when they are only just of legal age on your work hours. now this is clearly not a matter concerning my computer so I suggest you delete this number off whatever system you have and never call again" - caller: 01269 849064

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Ian12 Nov 2015

Indian voice about pc-Told him yo go away !!

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Paul12 Nov 2015

Got a call today 01269 849064.....they don't give up. Usual scam about computer being infected, told him to go and get himself infected with something nasty, for some reason he hung up. - caller: 01269 849064

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Steve13 Nov 2015

Keep up the feedback people!!.a great way to expose these ....ers. - caller: No msg just did a 1471 because it was on my business line

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Carol Thomas13 Nov 2015

call with Indian accent knew my computer license number and said from Windows Service Centre. Said politely I could not do this now as busy and they kept phoning - told me problem needed to be dealt with in 30 minutes or too late. - caller: 01269849064

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Angie13 Nov 2015

Called by this number which I obtained from dialling 1471. Indian accent....asked for me by name. I hung up. Getting similar calls from various numbers and withheld numbers at least half a dozen times a day...going to subscribe to caller ID and invest in a call blocker. - caller: 01269 849064

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NV13 Nov 2015

Has a call today from this guy claiming to be from the Windows Helpdesk. I told him where to go, he then responded with abuse saying he was going to come and [email protected]@@ my wife, then [email protected]@@ my daughter, then said I know where you live and read out my address. why do these numbers show up as UK numbers when they are clearly overseas ??

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Penelope21 Nov 2015

01269 849064 Ammanford I had a call but they hung up immediately, I rang back not knowing who they were and it said the number is non existent.

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Jon Cowell15 Jan 2016

Every few months I get a flurry of these calls. Must think we're bloody stupid! - caller: 01269 849064

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Possible phone number formats are 01269 849064, +44 1269 849064, 01269849064, +441269849064.

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