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Calls started on February 5th, 2016.

There has been a total of 24 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 845 429 0081? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 27 Apr 2016.

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Dan05 Feb 2016

3 calls, left voice message saying something about a lifestyle survey and my prize, blocked now

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Gary05 Feb 2016

I bet if you even press 9 to opt out it will cost you seeing they are bleeding nuisances.

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Matt05 Feb 2016

0845 429 0081 called me while at work, checked number here and blocked. - caller: 0845 429 0081

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Philomena05 Feb 2016

Saw this, wouldn't even attempt to answer 0845 numbers. Listened to voicemail, wasn't even a person talking back to me: a recorded message stating to "take part in a survey" no thank you! Number blocked now

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Robert08 Feb 2016

No message left, just keeps ringing. 3 times today Mon 8th Feb. Now blocked - caller: 08454290081

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Ian09 Feb 2016

This number (0845 429 0081) called today with an automated service saying I'd won£250 or an iPad mini. Blocked - caller: 0845 429 0081

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Angie10 Feb 2016

Annoying people. Keeps ringing. - caller: 0845 429 0081

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Sharon Hutchins11 Feb 2016

Missed call Googled it Scam 43% Don't answer 100% - caller: Don't know

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Bob15 Feb 2016

Did not answer - caller: 08454290081

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Peter B25 Feb 2016

Straight to a message

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Mark26 Feb 2016

Didn't answer the call and got a silent voicemail. Blocked the number. - caller: Unknown

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Applemany02 Mar 2016

heard some automated mesage about prize and iPad and press 2 and we will call you back in 20 minutes. Unsoliticed and unwanted!

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Watchful shepherd 02 Mar 2016

After reading these comments this number has now been blocked 👍🏻

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4th Apr 2016 13:56 - Cambs 04 Mar 2016

4th Apr 2016 13:56 - Cambs - caller: 4th Apr 2016 13:56 - Cambs

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Gordon08 Mar 2016

Called from the number 0845 429 0081 on 08/03/2016. Tried to call back but my network says it cannot be connected. - caller: Not known

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Carol Runnalls08 Mar 2016

This was a missed call but I made a note of the number and checked it on the internet.

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Jacqui16 Mar 2016

Nuisance call. I'm really annoyed that they have my number in the first place as I'm very careful about giving out my number. Wanted me to dial 5 after the recorded message to speak to someone who would supposedly help me with a claim for personal injury compensation which they 'knew' I was entitled to - I've not been injured! - caller: Department for Compensation, they said.

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Cat Baker17 Mar 2016

Answered the phone to have a recorded message telling me I've won a brand new BMW. Press 2 to win prize, or 9 to opt out. How about fuck off to opt out? - caller: Unknown

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Peter Frier22 Mar 2016

A voice claimed to be calling from the department of compensation so I put th phone (mobile) down. - caller: Male voice machine

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Hilary04 Apr 2016

Pre-recorded message about lifestyle survey and Press something to opt out. Like they take any notice of the opting out!

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Collette08 Apr 2016

Nuisance calls on my mobile from this number

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Chris Read12 Apr 2016

Automated voice "When an ID pad if you stay on the line" ...(No thanks) - caller: unknown from number above

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Margaret13 Apr 2016

I called it back to see who it was & it was a recorded message about delayed flight compensation 0845 429 0086. Now blocked! - caller: Delayed Flight Compensation

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anonymous person 27 Apr 2016

please stop ringing me. I don't who you are. please don't call me my number again its very annoying and please don't do it. they keep calling me between 5 and 6 over the last couple of days - caller: 0845 429 0086.

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Possible phone number formats are 0845 429 0081, +44 845 429 0081, 08454290081, +448454290081.

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