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Got a call from +44 800 092 0762? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 11 Jan 2018.

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Patricia16 Dec 2015

Apparently Lloyds bank but after provide DOB and post code they said that its not correct and I have to contact local branch. So I don't know what was that about :/

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Claire16 Dec 2015

ITs a scam. They ask for personal details like your date of birth and postcode. They pretend they aren't correct because they have got what they need from you and as they are not actually Lloyds bank they can't tell you any details from your account. They use a lot of different numbers! Contact Lloyds they will confirm, especially if you give them your details. If there was an issue with your account you would receive a letter. If they were to ring you they would never ask for those details

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ted16 Dec 2015

scammers - fishing for personal details - dont respond - if lloyds genuinely want to contact you - they would write to you - - caller: 08000920762

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hunt16 Dec 2015

Received a call saying they were lloyds bank when I said talk to me instead of hubby they hung up.

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Ste16 Dec 2015

Scammers! This number rang twice tonight. First time no one spoke when my wife picked the phone up. Second time asked for me by name and said they that were from the Halifax. Then went on to ask for personal personal details. When I told them no way I was giving out details and that the bank would not ring and ask for this information. They hung up straight away. - caller: 08000920762

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stephen24 Dec 2015

it is LLoyds banking group collections

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Phil27 Dec 2015

This person who said they were from Lloyds requested my DOB and Post Code. When I asked them what branch I dank with they hung up! - caller: 0800 092 0762

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Rachel Kelly29 Dec 2015

Been called twice or more daily by this number have told them many times don't call me! - caller: 0800 0920762

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Monika30 Dec 2015

Very annoying person on the phone keep calling me and asking about my details. Claiming she is from a bank. - caller: 08000920762

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Layla04 Jan 2016

Lloyds Bank collections department. I know they are trying to contact me as my credit card is over the limit lol I use to work for lloyds customer service and they do make outbound calls to retrieve owed funds. - caller: 0800 092 0762

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Pete16 Jan 2016

They said they were from Midshires when they called me phising for details - defo a scam - caller: 08000920762

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Claire,20 Jan 2016

Constant calls ,has been for the last two months or more, wanting to speak to my husband,'re the mortgage with the halifax, we googled the number,even contacted the halifax,who made it clear this number is nothing to do with them. Today 19/1/16 the idiots are still pronouncing the land line and next my mobile,.............but despite previously telling them ,you have info about me so you tell who I am,and we have googled their number and have contacted banks....the pillock still phone,today they made out they were Bristol banking, when I laughed down the phone and said w wrong number ,the guy at the other end snapped at me and said I need to speak to Mr,xxxxxxx, about the mortgage, so I am afraid I snapped back and told him that I am on the mortgage, we are nothing to do with Bristol banking, and again repeated we have googled the no, have contacted banks and this time told him to Piss off and don't phone again,please excuse my language,but they don't seem to learn, Surely there must be a governing body out there to shoot them up the arse. Apologies for the pronouncing, should be phoning,the land line..Lol. May I suggest next time they phone, be calm pick up the phone ,,,answer politely.......wait for them to say hello......then blow a whistle down the line, bit of luck it will hugger up the headsets - caller: 08000920762

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Maj05 Feb 2016

It's Birmingham Midshires collection department. Chasing unpaid mortgage payment. - caller: Birmingham midshires

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AnnH06 Feb 2016

Lloyds group calls from 0808 145 036x

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Annoyed07 Feb 2016

They said they were lloyds bank. They asked for my date of birth and postcode, which I obviously didn't give them. I asked them what the phone call was about and they said 'personal banking'. It's a scam, don't give them any details. - caller: 08000920762

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brian24 Feb 2016

Got the calll this morning and just block it ,

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j03 Mar 2016

I constantly get calls like this,haven't had a bank account for years,so how they have my number ill never know. At first it was I owed money then they asked for my details,when saying to them"you should already be on my account if you're ringing to tell me I owe money,plus I would like to ask,as these are recorded, why did you not confirm security questions first" had them hang up on me,but I get calls at least 10-20 times a day! Sad really considering I haven't had a bank account in nearly six years! - caller: 08000920762

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Lorraine06 Mar 2016

I've just got a phone call from this number saying they were from the Halifax!!! - caller: 08000920762

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Jackie25 Mar 2016

Got call from this Bank saying they are Halifax and asked me to conform DOB and postcode then said my details do not match and hung up.

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Tom05 Apr 2016

This number has been calling me nearly twice a week. Never answered due to not recognising the number. Did receive a text from "lloyds" that came up as a recognised contact as well. The strange thing is I have had letters from Lloyds Bank since I started getting these calls :/ - caller: 08000920762

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Sarah07 Apr 2016

Ring me about 4 times a day but I never answer - caller: ?08000920762

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SueD12 Apr 2016

Thanks everyone for your info, somehow they've got my mobile AND home number but i never respond to a number i don't recognise. It's irritating as i work nights sometimes but i've decided i might respond next time in "fonejacker" style ie "can i buy duvda/ i've got poomta/can you cure ockda?" Amuse myself AND waste their time!

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GG20 Jun 2016

Claimed they are calling from Halifax bank when I answered last time, distinct Indian accent, this time I didn't bother answering and my landline rang straight after I declined the call. I don't give out my numbers and use TPS, so very annoyed at them having my details. Who are they and why don't they get shut down?? - caller: Bogus - said Hailfax

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Keith27 Jul 2016

In the last 2 months I've had 207 missed calls from this number and 47 answer phone messages that have just been silent

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margaret anderson31 Dec 2016

Keep getting calls from this number for my husband saying they are from Bank of Scotland. He has never had an account with them. Looked up the number on Google and a lot of people say it's a scam. With the number of people complaining why is the number not shut down. We get at least 2 calls a day and it is really annoying. We have tried everything from politeness to rudeness. - caller: 08000920762

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LM07 Feb 2017

Sounds Asian. Said her name was Apple and she was calling from Lloyds Bank re. my mother's account (I have her Power of Attorney). Knew my mother's full name and my nominated number. Having read these comments, BT should withdraw this number. - caller: Apple from Lloyds Bank

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Gary Duffy 11 Jan 2018

Keep receiving phone calls from the number. I have contacted my bank separately but still receive calls. I ignore and the number then casks rotate around each telephone number in the house. - caller: 08000920762

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Possible phone number formats are 0800 092 0762, +44 800 092 0762, 08000920762, +448000920762.

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