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Got a call from +44 800 056 1044? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 08 Sep 2017.

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Rachel09 Jan 2016

This number has just called my house phone. Answered but no one there, just a silent call.

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cat12 Jan 2016

Just got a call for upgrading my sky package. Was just about to go for it as was being offered at half price. He asked for my name and address and then my password. I said you shouldn't be asking for my password. He said no worry, what's your mother's maiden name.....I hung up. Really annoyed me that I nearly got sucked in. NEVER GIVE THEM THESE DETAILS. IF THEY'RE REAL THEY WOULDN'T ASK

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Andy13 Jan 2016

Received call to my mobile today, but they hung up on answering. Got here via google, but not surprised that it would be Sky trying to sell me sports & movie packages ...again.... - caller: 08000561044

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richard20 Jan 2016

this is sky, I rang them yesterday and same woman I spoke too was calling me back today and rang on this number and left a voicemail regarding my issue. - caller: sky

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A person08 Feb 2016

This is a Sky call centre number. I have been speaking to Sky for months and they have called from this number. - caller: Sky

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richard breydin08 Feb 2016

this is sky broadband bunch thieves ripping the system off - caller: sky broadband

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Jo03 May 2016

I got a call from this number claiming to be sky. I called the sky telephone number I had used on previous occasions and they did confirm this was sky who called me, told me the same information as the first caller. So yes it is genuine. - caller: Sky

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R13 Feb 2017

Safe to answer. Was Sky TV letting me know an engineer has been booked in, and was the same person I spoke to earlier when I rang Sky. - caller: Sky

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Steve14 Jul 2017

Caller spoke poor English and sounded like an overseas Call-Centre so I hung up. Next day they phoned back and started asking "security questions" like my dob so I hung up again. Today they phoned back - again poor English and wanting to "take me through security" by asking questions about my account. VERY suspicious. - caller: 0800 056 1044

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Valentina Mircheva06 Sep 2017

0800 056 1044 - they managed to call me on my iPone 7 plus despite it was on "Do not desturb" mode ! What an arogance ! I blocked them after I've read they are spam callers. - caller: 0800 056 1044

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V . Mircheva08 Sep 2017

0141 457 7048 - multiple calls about electricity and gass - spam ! Blocked now! - caller: 0141 457 7048

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Possible phone number formats are 0800 056 1044, +44 800 056 1044, 08000561044, +448000561044.

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