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Got a call from +44 800 056 1044? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 08 Sep 2017.

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Dan07 Apr 2015

This number is chargeable should you phone it back. SKY trying to sell TV package, Broadband & Telephone. I'm already with them and don't want any TV packages.

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Kelly09 Apr 2015

Two nights in a row I have ignored this number. 19:15 each time.

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David 20 Apr 2015

I wouldn't trust this number claiming to be sky. They asked for my password to the account. I said no and they politely ended the call. No idea if they were really sky but you're never supposed to give passwords out over the phone. - caller: Sky

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lorraine06 May 2015

This phone number claims to be Sky. was asked questions about my account and I said if you are from Sky you would know. The guy on the phone got a bit stuttery and I ended to call. I then called Sky who confirmed they had not called me, so do not give out any personal information. - caller: 0800 056 1044

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Katy07 May 2015

Call from sky in regards to my engineer being sent out. Just them confirming the date, they did also leave a message. Definently Sky. - caller: Sky

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Denise22 May 2015

They've called me just now.. very rude woman from Sky apparently, almost screaming into the phone. Asking for my details and credit card number. I got suspicious and told her she does not sound legit. She screamed my own name at me ; I've asked her what she wanted and told her that if she is indeed calling from Sky, she should have all info on file. Obviously she decided to immediately hang up. I phoned Sky on their customer service number - surprise, surprise, no one there tried to call me! - caller: 08000561044

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Pat22 May 2015

we got this call saying they was from sky said we give them the password they ask about HD what they was told we do not record stuff if we can help it in HD because it takes up to much disc space and the box keeps freezing up they put the phone down and have not called back - caller: Sky Rep

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Nichola28 May 2015

Sky confirming a date and time for the engineer to come out and install my broadband - caller: sky

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Bob03 Jun 2015

I did live chat with Sky and they called me back from this number so for me it was genuine. - caller: Sky

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Phil 18 Jun 2015

went out without my phone today and found 3 missed calls from this number. Typed number into Google and read the above. Typical sky. Bunch of commercial creeps. - caller: 0800 056 1044

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lou23 Jun 2015

This number called me. I answered it and they hung up. - caller: 0800 056 1044

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Claire26 Jun 2015

Silent call received from this number. - caller: 0800 056 1044

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Nick07 Jul 2015

0800 056 1044 number called, They asked to speak with account holder with regards to an engineer coming and so I confirmed I was the account holder. Lady asked me for my account details and password. I said you have phoned me and so why do you need my password and the Lady hung up. I was suspicious because of the tone of her voice and rightfully so. - caller: Sky or so they claim

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C15 Jul 2015

Called me saying they were phoning regarding my phone installation. Wanted to know personal details which I obviously didn't give her. She was rude and hung up on me.

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B21 Jul 2015

Definitely official sky number, calling back to help out with broadband issues. - caller: Sky

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Mike05 Aug 2015

This IS actually sky. I had an issue with my HD Box and this was the number used to call me back. - caller: Sky

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Lin13 Aug 2015

I have just received this call. It is not Sky as I have phoned them to check. Do not give out your personal information!

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Kate14 Aug 2015

Called about Internet package, typical sky call. Defo not scam so have no fear folks! - caller: Sky

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Joanne 14 Aug 2015

Just had a call from this number. They asked for someone else completely who doesn't live here and I have no idea who they are. The best part? It seems it was Sky and I am a Sky customer, with Broadband, phone and TV so surely they should know who the number belongs to lol - caller: Sky

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Stef18 Sep 2015

Just had a call and they hung up - caller: Unknown

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Michelle 21 Sep 2015

This is a legitimate number of Sky. We've had a fault on the home phone line which Openreach have been trying to resolve. Sky have been calling from this number giving regular updates. - caller: Sky

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Dee23 Sep 2015

It is Sky, I have been in communication with them for a few days and they call me from this number. The things we changed are reflected in the MySky webpages when I log in, so it can't be a scam caller. - caller: Sky

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Ged16 Oct 2015

Silent call - definitely not Sky. The number may be a sky one but anyone can fake the number that appears on your phone. - caller: 08000561044

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a21 Oct 2015

Got a call husband answered said hello 3 times no answer off them so he hung up not ringing them back if it's important sure they will ring back - caller: 0800 056 1044

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Graham31 Oct 2015

Just had a call from Sky on 08000561044 to tell me my order for Broadband and phone line had been rejected. They wanted my name and telephone number for security, I said you must know my number as you have called me. I was offered a number to call back on but I just said thanks but no I am with Talktalk and do not have an order with Sky. Goodbye. - caller: Sky

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Nevsmate03 Nov 2015

silent call, they eventually hung up.....if it is Sky, I'd be really annoyed as I've gone through an interrogation already when I called to cancel my - caller: ?

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Darya20 Nov 2015

Did not call back, no idea who is this - caller: 0800 056 1044

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Nin18 Dec 2015

This number called me and he claim it is from sky. But it's weird he ask for some security details which I refused to submit. I told him if you put your request on sky system and I will call sky now to answer your request ion Apparently, when I called sky nothing on the system but they confirmed this number is a sky agent - caller: Sky

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James20 Dec 2015

Called me on my mobile from 0800 056 1044 and although I said "hello" several times, there was no answer. Line then went dead several seconds later. Funny this, as I thought silent calls was supposed to be an unacceptable practice. - caller: Sky

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Kevin31 Dec 2015

Scammers fishing for personal details. They are masking their number to appear as sky's genuine number. If you are suspicious then don't give any details. Hang up and ring them back on their customer services number. NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL DETAILS OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION - caller: 08000561044

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Possible phone number formats are 0800 056 1044, +44 800 056 1044, 08000561044, +448000561044.

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