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Calls started on September 29th, 2015.

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Got a call from +44 800 048 8301? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 05 Jul 2017.

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Zen19 Oct 2015

Called, apparently Santander fraud prevention :( It isn't - caller: Santander :-?

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Caro24 Oct 2015

I just called Santander on a number I know and this number was their fraud department trying to get hold of me-someone had tried using my card! - caller: Santander Fraud department

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Jess26 Oct 2015

I have literally just received a call from this number. It is the Santander Fraud Team. I went through all security checks. Apparently someone is using my details. - caller: Santander Fraud Team

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Ben Owen 26 Oct 2015

This number is Santander Fraud department as I rung them back - caller: 0800 048 8301

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Kim 27 Oct 2015

Yes this number does belong to Santander Fraud Dept. - caller: Santander Fraud Dept

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RBD27 Nov 2015

5 times we were phoned today by 08000488301. They told us they had an urgent call for someone not in this household, with a named nothing like ours. They last phoned at 17:10 . I immediately phoned Santander switchboard only to be told that the offices closed at 17:00. I wouldn't mind but we have nothing at all to do with Santander in any way. I THING THIS IS EITHER A SCAM OR SANTANDER IS TRYING FOR SOME SORT OF ADVERTISING!! - caller: santander fraud department

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Stephen05 Dec 2015

Got a call on mobile and fixed line from same number. I contacted Santander on their genuine contact number (from the website). Santander confirmed this was genuine - caller: Santander

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sana11 Feb 2016

I keep getting a calls from this number. 5 calls today last one at 9:42pm. When I amswered the name is totally different from mine. - caller: Santander

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Laura30 Mar 2016

Genuine. I doubted the text message I received at first so did not call the number on the message. I phoned Santander directly and there had indeed been fraudulent activity over night on my card. - caller: Santander

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Adam26 Apr 2016

Pretend to be santander , still annoying me

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elaine22 Jun 2016

Received multiple calls from this number even after I had contacted Santander directly after the first 5 times they rang and texted. they then ask electronically for DOB details - not a very secure way of protecting your data. Go through main number on website or call 08001513151 as this is a direct number - caller: Santander

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Shirley Drummond09 Jul 2016

This is definitely a call from santander fraud dept. They called our house phone three times but it turns out my daughter hadn't changed her phone number when she moved out. I checked with my branch before calling it. - caller: Santander fraud dept

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Nicole C01 May 2017

Genuine Santander Fraud team. I received a 1 text from Santander followed by another text asking if I recognised various transactions. I replied N for no and then immediately received the call from this number. I checked with the regular Santander customer service number who confirmed it is their fraud team. - caller: Santander Fraud Team

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Steph05 Jul 2017

This scares the life out of me , I had one of these from this number in march an I phoned them , but am sat here watching watchdog an Santander have this all the time , the number does say it's the fraud line but it still scares me on how easy it is . - caller: Santander

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Possible phone number formats are 0800 048 8301, +44 800 048 8301, 08000488301, +448000488301.

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