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Calls started on April 17th, 2015.

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Got a call from +44 330 363 0500? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 17 Nov 2017.

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Sarah20 Apr 2015

Telemarketers - just ignore them as if you answer and say you are not interested they will call you back anyway

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Richard21 Apr 2015

Phoned me at 6:34 pm April 21 2015 - caller: 0330 363 0500

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Andy28 Apr 2015

Must think they are really important as asked to speak with my wife and would not tell me why due to data protection!

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Maggie28 Apr 2015

Said he was from Gusto, an independent market research company. Yawn. He just rang and asked to speak to my husband (he had the name right, so someone's selling information). It's 4.15; husband is at work.

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Donna15 May 2015

Just answered a call from this number and the caller said he was calling on behalf of Lloyds. I had a missed call from this number earlier today and looked it up here and when I told the caller that they were a telemarking firm hey said they had been commissioned to do a survey. When I said I only dealt with my bank directly he got annoyed. REPORT THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jean22 May 2015

Well spoken woman asked for my husband. Suspected a scam/nuisance call so asked who was calling - I, too, got the Data Protection garbage. Have blocked the number so when they try again they will be out of luck. - caller: would not give name

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becky25 May 2015

They have just called me and I didn't answer as I did don't answer the numbers I don't recognise. So I had to look it up and it came up with this site . - caller: 03303630500

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Mark Morris25 May 2015

Keep calling on a regular basis but I don't answer. Sometimes I reject the call and it tries again immediately.

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Prossy Cuter04 Jun 2015

Marketing company who appear to have bought data from either Llyods or Compare The Market - caller: Gusto Marketing

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Steph05 Jun 2015

Must be from Compare the Market as I do not bank with Lloyds. Missed call at 17:46 - caller: 0300 363 0500

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LW06 Jun 2015

I got a phone call from this number, they dint give me the chance to answer, however, I would not of answered in the first place but rang for about 10 seconds and then hung up

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Ashley 07 Jun 2015

I have just had a call off these and didn't recognise the number so i looked it up and this is what i found - caller: 0330 363 0500

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Iain08 Jun 2015

Female caller from 03303630500 asked for me by name. She claimed to be from Lloyds car insurance wanting feedback on my experience with Lloyds. I asked for her proof of identity and she quit. - caller: 03303630500

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Thomas09 Jun 2015

Market research from Three. Caller was polite enough but the survey took over twenty minutes when I thought it'd take five. Should've just hung up 😁 - caller: Three

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toto10 Jun 2015

Paypal selling on details! - caller: 0330 363 0500

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Anon12 Jul 2015

Rang me on a Sunday morning... NO reputable company calls on a SUNDAY!!!! - caller: Annoying

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Rebecca Everett 18 Jul 2015

Just rang me now 18:05pm 18th July 2015 keep ringing me none stop everyday! So annoying weirdos

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gina01 Aug 2015

a man answered and asked if my dad was home and i said no and who is calling and he said thanks for asking it is a courtesy call and he hung up

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Claire05 Aug 2015

This number has called me several times over the last few days. I answered this time just to find out more. They said they were calling 'on behalf' of Lloyds Bank for feedback on one of my products. Obviously calling from abroad as he didn't know if it was morning or afternoon. Asked several financially related questions about 'my product' although he didn't know what that product was. - caller: Gusto Research

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Silver11 Aug 2015

Had a call from this number today at 16:33 and didn’t answer as I didn’t recognise the number. From reading the comments above, looks like Lloyds or compare the market have been selling the data to these marketing companies. The funny thing is, I am not with either of them and wonder how they got hold of my number! CONFUSED.COM!!!

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Peddiemac15 Aug 2015

I don't answer numbers which aren't stored in my phone. I always block these unknown numbers on my mobile after first call. - caller: 03303630550

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Liam26 Aug 2015

Phoned me today at work didn't recognise it so didn't answer would like to know how they got my number tho!!! - caller: 0330 363 0500

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Paul16 Sep 2015

Just had a call from this number asking for the person who submits the accounts to companies house, when asked them for a company name and telephone number they advised not at liberty to discuss unless with the person who handles the submissions because of data protection and would ring back. Asked them again to identify themselves and they advised companies house, clearly they are not and upon investigation are just a telemarketing company. - caller: 03303630500

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Chris21 Sep 2015

Just had a call from this number whilst at work. Man said he was calling from YouTube?!!! Asked to speak to the person who deals with marketing. Told him the lady he needed to speak to was in a meeting and to send them an email. He then said they didn't have any emailing facilities (at YouTube...REALLY?!!!). Says he would ring back at 3pm. Let's see if he does... - caller: YouTube

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sam27 Sep 2015

These cowboys will ask you all kind questions. These people need locking up. My child answered the call asking all kind strange questions. Report them to the police - caller: weirdos

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Mark S30 Sep 2015

We are very quick to complain these days, but the South African chap was gloriously polite. When I explained why I wouldn't want to take part he assured me it wasn't a problem and wished me a nice day. Not all cold callers are aggressive and rude :-) and this chap has done his bit to restore the impression of call centres - caller: 03303630500

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Mick07 Oct 2015

Claims to be doing research with one of my banks. - caller: unlnown

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Chris14 Oct 2015

Who keeps calling then rings off. I am signed up to the TPS? - caller: 03303530500

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Peter16 Oct 2015

A miss call from this number. It rang 1 second and stop. I plan to pick up the call next time without saying anything. I guess they will soon stop calling my number. - caller: 03303630500

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Simon18 Oct 2015

Rang for few seconds, not even enough time to answer. I'm gonna block this number based on what others have said. - caller: 03303630500

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Possible phone number formats are 0330 363 0500, +44 330 363 0500, 03303630500, +443303630500.

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