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Calls started on October 21st, 2016.

There has been a total of 5 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 330 041 4746? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 20 Feb 2017.

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Jyoti Kandola16 Dec 2016

I receive a call from this number at least once a day. It is getting highly annoying to keep seeing missed calls. I am waiting for the passport office to call who have a similar number and each time I answer it is always about PPI. Not interested, never had any issues stop assuming I have. - caller: ppi

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Candida Watson19 Dec 2016

I am also being contacted at least daily by this number, no message left. Can I block it?

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rachel10 Jan 2017

This number has called me several times. I just answered and they hung up. What's the point?!!

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gav12 Jan 2017

usually so they know you a a number that picks up - they'll then sell your number to other cold callers! try not to pick up unknown numbers. they'll call twice if its urgent

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Patricia20 Feb 2017

Similar to another number which I pick up so I answered. Had hoped these PPI idiots had finally gone away but no they haven't... - caller: 03300414746

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Possible phone number formats are 0330 041 4746, +44 330 041 4746, 03300414746, +443300414746.

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