02079461340 is a landline and located in London (UK).

Calls started on April 4th, 2016.

There has been a total of 10 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 20 7946 1340? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 06 Apr 2016.

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Ste04 Apr 2016

This number rang me but I didn't get to it. I rang back from a landline knowing that it could be a scam and it said the line was not in use. I then got an immediate call back but when I picked up it was silent. - caller: Unknow

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M04 Apr 2016

Number called not in my contacts at 18:26 looked it up found this so will not call back or answer - I have no idea what the scam is does anyone? - caller: 020 7946 1340

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Well04 Apr 2016

You've been involved in a car crash scam. Massive scum bags. - caller: 020 7946 1340

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Fed Up 05 Apr 2016

I got this call at 13:20 hours today. I didn't pick up because this nunber was not in my contact list and I was not expecting any call during my lunch hour. I had a doubt that it is a SCAM. After checking online I BLOCKED this number. - caller: 020 7946 1340

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Didnt answer05 Apr 2016

Such calls have been regularly happening to me after I unfortunately answered once. I read somewhere they give numbers to people who answer around so once you answer once, they're gonna keep coming at you. - caller: 020 7946 1340

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Engaged number05 Apr 2016

Have just received a missed from this number. Tried ring back but it was engaged. Glad I've read these comments!:) - caller: 02079461340

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A Scorer05 Apr 2016

Phone call saying that I was involved in an accident that was not my fault. I asked her when it took place, a pause and she then said she would remove me from the list. - caller: female midlands accent

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Martyn06 Apr 2016

Accident claim firm - could I confirm that I'd had an accident over the last 3 years? ( I haven't )

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Bryan06 Apr 2016

Just had a call from these scumbags - probably the 50th call over the past month. I've said I'll report them to the police for harassment if they contact me again so let's wait and see They are always the same - my details have been passed to them as a result of an insurance claim arising from an accident I had 3 years ago - they don't have any other details - not even the vehicle - caller: 0207 946 1340

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Sick and Tired06 Apr 2016

Just had a call from this on my mobile, which is on the TPS, from some woman saying she has been told that I'd been involved in an accident. Before she had time to say anything else I hung up! I'm so fed up of these calls. I'm getting them at work, home and now mobile too. - caller: 020 7946 1340

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Possible phone number formats are 020 7946 1340, +44 20 7946 1340, 02079461340, +442079461340.

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