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Got a call from +44 20 7946 0370? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 14 Apr 2016.

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Ruben19 Feb 2016

I got a call, and when I picked up I didn't hear anything for 5 sec after which I hung up and landed through Google on this website. - caller: 02079460370

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mr annoyed22 Feb 2016

020 7946 0414 London, England this number just called me about a accident a have been involved in when no accident taken place - caller: 020 7946 0414 London, England

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Paris08 Mar 2016

0207 946 0015 and 0207 946 0364 Keep calling me multiple times in the same day, always the same girl, uses different company names and it is an accident spam. Someone needs to gind and deal with these people - caller: 0207 946 0015 and 0207 946 0364

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Aaron Nayer10 Mar 2016

This number gave me a missed call today and i saw it about an hour later I called them back but it said incorrect number or does not exist

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Cindy11 Mar 2016

I just received a call from this number. It rang for only 2 -3 seconds.

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dick tingler12 Mar 2016

scammy autobot put them on hold for 23 mins. sounded like stephen hawkin!

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AB 16 Mar 2016

pre recorded voice calling me about 'my car accident', company name was said very quickly so that you can't catch it and when you stay silent it says 'yer' and carries on talking hung up and blocked number - caller: 02079461049

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Mr 716 Mar 2016

Somebody asking if I'd been in an accident that wasn't my fault. Just hang up on these time wasters. - caller: Female

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Alexis de Angry16 Mar 2016

These offensive clowns rang me up. Appaeently I've had an accident recently Err no dogsh1t woman I haven't - caller: 0207 946 1974

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ivannakiss16 Mar 2016

Told me i had a claim open for an accident i had within the last 3 years. Told em i dont drive. Then changed it to an accident at work, as a passenger, from the time i was sick whilst on holiday abroad. Left my phone on the table, w minutes later they disconnected the call - caller: accident claims

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cancerguy19 Mar 2016

Just got this call. Want to know what company sold my newish mobile number on. Bastards. Can't trust a soul - caller: 020 7946 1158

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Kelly21 Mar 2016

Car accident scam. Automated voice asking if you have had an accident that wasn't your fault. - caller: Automated voice

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Peter29 Mar 2016

ALL calls beginning 0207946 are bogus. This appears to be a London area code, but is in fact a fictitious code for use in fils, literature etc. Look it up on Wikipedia! I've simply blocked ALL calls starting with 0207946 on all our mobile phones - ever so easy to do, took 1 minute! - caller: Unknown

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Andrew06 Apr 2016

Lots of automatic calls from the number. Its Farplace who are bombarding me with calls for thier animal rescue. I gave once and now they wont stop calling. - caller: Farplace Animal Rescue

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08 Apr 2016

‭020 7946 1370‬ I just got a call from this number, upon answering it there was no reply, when the line went dead i tried calling it back only to be told i have dialed an incorrect number, and i'm possitive that they have called me before... - caller: ‭020 7946 1370‬

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Zephryl12 Apr 2016

Calling about my 'accident' 15:09 11 April 2016 - caller: Scammer

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14 Apr 2016

phone numbers do get recycled after x amount of months so they may have been plaguing the old number owner aswell

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Possible phone number formats are 020 7946 0370, +44 20 7946 0370, 02079460370, +442079460370.

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