02079460370 is a landline and located in London (UK).

Calls started on February 5th, 2016.

There has been a total of 47 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 20 7946 0370? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 14 Apr 2016.

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B Singh 06 Feb 2016

Miss call - caller: ?

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a08 Feb 2016

Accident claim spam. Automated voice

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A08 Feb 2016

Called about me being in an accident that wasn't my fault - all i could think was: "are you asking or telling me?" But what I did was stay silent until she hung up. I had planned the next spam call to be the one where I called them "sydney" and threatened to gut them like a fish (Scream movie style) - too extreme, perhaps? But sick and tired of these calls, especially when i'm at work. - caller: unknown

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Sarah 08 Feb 2016

Who is this?

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Sarah08 Feb 2016

Called about an accident that I didn't have - caller: 020 7946 0370

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Shenkin Arsecandle08 Feb 2016

One of these claim lines. I told them my name was Ivor Biggun and they hung up.

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Bubbles08 Feb 2016

Spam cold calling saying they have been told I had an accident that wasn't my fault. I said 'no' and asked where they got my number and they hung up. Said company was called Aldecourt something. - caller: 02079460370

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Jam09 Feb 2016

Accident claims line... I always tell them I have had an accident and ask them to wait whilst I get the paper work. Put the phone on the desk and keep working.. 8 minutes is my personal best. - caller: Bastards

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L09 Feb 2016

This number just called me, I didn't answer then googled the number as this website is very useful. I just wanted to say that your post, was both insightful as to who called me and inspiring all in one. Ok I'm off to get a voice changer box... "What's your favourite scary movie?" - caller: 020 7946 0370

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L again09 Feb 2016

Also, a tip to anyone who gets bothered by nuisance calls, works perfectly for me... Create a new contact named "Blocked" and add all nuisance numbers to this list - please do google the number first in case it's someone important - then proceed to block the contact "blocked" all numbers added to this contact won't bother you again. I am racking up a list of around 20 numbers in my blocked contact, and it's still climbing, one of the many joys of having your own online business with online contact information. - caller: 020 7946 0370

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fed up with time wasters09 Feb 2016

Had a call from female told her My insurance deals with problems. She wanted to transfer me to her supervisor. Hung Up!! - caller: 02079460370

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Paul w 09 Feb 2016

Automated voice of 'Sarah' hung up when I said my pet monkey was driving

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09 Feb 2016

Call with no one on the other end

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Terry09 Feb 2016

Useful website this. Saved me called them back, cheers all.

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Ed09 Feb 2016

Caller said I had been involved in a card accident that wasn't my fault. Don't even own a car. Scam.

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Anne Oid09 Feb 2016

Blocked for good! Surely if I wanted to claim on an accident I would actively do it myself rather than sit around and wait for a mysterious caller to offer me the chance? Next time I get one, im gonna pretend im an accident claims helpline. " They'll be like hey you may be in an accide-" and ill come in like "HI THERE IM JENNY FROM cash4accidents..." and drive em up the wall ...... - caller: 020 7946 0370

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Jeff the Destroyer09 Feb 2016

asked if I had a car accident, I said yes (to get through to the supervisor) and as she was speaking I asked if she had heard of TPS. Line went dead, strange that. Have reported the number to TPS. If you get a call, report it and we will stop them. - caller: 02079460370

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Gaz10 Feb 2016

Missed call from this number. Checked online and, who'd have thunk it, a scam caller! Number blocked and reported to the TPS. - caller: Scam

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Andrew H10 Feb 2016

Received a spam call. Hung up before I answered. When I tried to call back I received an automated message saying I had dialed an incorrect number. Checking this service, it appears likely to have been someone calling from a shady law firm offering to initiate a fraudulent suit on my behalf. - caller: Unknown

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Xxmisspinkiexx10 Feb 2016

Just received a call from the number above. I don't have answer phone so luckily didn't get a message. I rang the number back and it told me the number was incorrect although I just pressed redial. Hope I haven't been charged Just read the messages and gathered it is a stupid caller so I've blocked the number on my phone. So no more injury claim phone calls - caller: 020 7946 0370 London, England

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Mar10 Feb 2016

Don't have this no in contacts? Who is this pls? - caller: 0207 946 0370

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Jim H10 Feb 2016

Caller hung up on answer, added to reject list.

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Ivan Arden 10 Feb 2016

This company keeps calling me today. Robotic voice, it's a bot designed to respond to certain commands. Annoying. It's also a 'fake number' so no point reporting to TPS as they use new numbers daily.

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anger management πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚10 Feb 2016

Spam fake London number Your family was killed in an accident that wasn't your fault - caller: 020 7946 0195

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Ms Angry11 Feb 2016

Just had this conversation with a lady on this number. Caller : Hello I hear you were involved in an accident. Me: Yes thats correct I died in that accident. Caller: When did you die and that accident occur? Me: Not sure but you are talking to a dead person right now. Phone went DEAD!!! - caller: Female no name

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JC11 Feb 2016

Automated accident/injury claim junk call - caller: 020 7946 0370 London, England

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Alan S11 Feb 2016

Called me at 17.05 I stayed silent. They hung up almost immediately. Yet another number to block. I never speak now when i answer a call. Wait for the caller to speak first. Sad world isn't it? - caller: 020 7946 0370

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Tigger17 Feb 2016

missed call - caller: 020 79460195

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R18 Feb 2016

twice called on 18th at around 18:00 from this number. I missed the call however & have now blocked since I searched for the number. - caller: Unknown

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gene p19 Feb 2016

call came lunchtime today no idea who it was

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Possible phone number formats are 020 7946 0370, +44 20 7946 0370, 02079460370, +442079460370.

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