02035140156 is a landline and located in London (UK).

Calls started on March 10th, 2015.

There has been a total of 16 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 20 3514 0156? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 12 Jun 2018.

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Gordon10 Mar 2015

Another un-authorized survey phone call from this number. They call themselves The Daily Preference Service. I am TPS registered and have told them to delete my number but they still keep phoning...

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ANN LUCAS11 Mar 2015

This number calls at least twice a day. Not interested in answering yet, another survey.

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Justin12 Mar 2015

I just received a call from them. When I answered there was no voice at the other end and then the call went dead (solid tone kicked in). I rang them back and got answerphone where I only left my telephone number and explained I was registered with TPS and they will be reported to the ombudsman. However, I believe these automated phone calls are a mechanical way of verifying live telephone numbers, simply so they can sell the information on to other companies - caller: Daily Preference

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Kay24 Mar 2015

I'm sick of getting calls from this number. They rang me THREE times within 10 minutes yesterday and I've just had two more calls today within 8 minutes.

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Pete24 Mar 2015

Just received a call from this number, no-one on the end of the line I am being plagued by surveys recently, Life Style choices and the Saving Club seem to be the latest 2 organisations trying to get my opinion on things When I refuse even to give an age range (I've been a victim of identity theft) - they seem to get irate .. not sure why, Its MY personal information and I'm not prepared to share it with strangers, - caller: No-one on end of the line

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Ann McBurney27 Mar 2015

Caller spoke very fast stating it was a one time survey call - I had to speak over him to ask where he got my number from. He said a publicly available database in the UK. When I said it shouldn't be on such a database as I was with the TPS he said 'OK Madam, goodbye'. I was plagued with such calls during the summer and being with the TPS meant nothing - they insisted I must have opted in or not opted out on some website I visited. It seems the complaints are getting through to the companies that use these call centres because they now usually apoligise and hang up when the TPS is mentioned.

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p norcott28 Mar 2015

what a fucking world we live in when assholes have got nothing to do all day but call us all why is this aloud to happen its harassment - caller: 02035140156

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Jess Burton30 Mar 2015

It's almost like prank phone calls, pick up the phone to nothing then the solid tone sounds after 5/10 seconds. We have requested that these phone calls are stopped several times. - caller: 020 3514 0156

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Dave15 Apr 2015

Several calls a day, usually no voice on other end. From early morning until late evening. - caller: unknown - (020) 3514 0156

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PLM21 May 2015

Received four calls from this number today (21 may 2015). No voice at the other end when I answered. No voice at the other end when I rang the number back. These people are a nuisance and this needs to be stopped forthwith. - caller: 020 3514 0156

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vicky 21 May 2015

4 calls from this number today, they hang up each time I answer!

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James23 May 2015

Constant calls from this number, call never connects so haven't had the chance to give them abuse. - caller: 020 3514 0156

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Nick24 May 2015

So very annoying. Over 10 calls yesterday and it's started again today Just cuts off a couple of seconds after I answer. I would love to insert my phone up the owner of this companies arse !! - caller: 02035140156

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Adam26 May 2015

Got 2 calls from this number yesterday, after checking on this site blocked the number. They just rang me again this morning with a 044 prefix, to get past the block. How desperate are these people to get me to answer only to hang up? Suggest looking out for same number with the 044 prefix and also block. - caller: 020 3514 0156

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Ted29 May 2015

Just got a call from "select walk" asking me to confirm my address details. I've had 4 calls like this so far this week, and they will not remove my data from their database. Almost certainly a scam. - caller: Unsure

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Mike12 Jun 2018

This group has reinvented themselves as some kind of internet police. My IP, thone and internet will be closed in 24 hrs unless I pay. - caller: 02035140156

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Possible phone number formats are 020 3514 0156, +44 20 3514 0156, 02035140156, +442035140156.

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