01913402527 is a landline and located in Durham (UK).

Calls started on January 6th, 2016.

There has been a total of 19 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 191 340 2527? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 24 Jun 2016.

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David Black11 Jan 2016

I've got a call from Economy Energy. I am not sure what they wanted. Blocked now.. - caller: Economy Energy

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Josh14 Jan 2016

He do not stop colling me. He is gey or something and if i answer they (Is Polonga?) and i say no are you mad and they call again - caller: 0191 340 2527

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Rachel19 Jan 2016

tried to say they was ringing me about my per paid meter and said the wrong surname. - caller: didnt say his name

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Drew04 Mar 2016

These people are a pain in the arse. They ring at all times of the day & night. By law these callers should be made to at least leave a message stating who they are & why they've called .... gggrrrrrr... - caller: 0191 340 2527

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Stace04 Mar 2016

This idiot asked me if i still have a pre payment meter and when i said ive got no accounts i live with someone else they put the phone down!!!! Livid!!! - caller: 0191 340 2527

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Mm08 Mar 2016

economy energy. Call to ask about prepayment meter - act as though they are your provider until you specifically ask. When you tell them you're not interested and will deal with your own energy provider they are very rude and 'if you want to spend more money then go ahead' and hang up the phone. Only for another one of their callers to ring you soon after!

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Dawn22 Mar 2016

Persistant pains in the arse!!! I now make animal noises at them down the phone and they hang up. - caller: 0191 320 2527

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..24 Mar 2016

They phone, talk so fast that you don't know what you're agreeing too. So rude when you tell them you're not interested. They'd probably easily enough convince elderly or people with disabilities to switch to them but suppose they don't care about that😠 - caller: Economy Energy

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sue 31 Mar 2016

called didnt know the no so never answered bloody nuisance calls - caller: ?

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Matt09 Apr 2016

Called me several times in one day, never rings long enough for me to answer, on trying to call back they decline the call. - caller: Scottish Power

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..14 Apr 2016

Call everyday. We where conned into giving details to win an iPad last year. We have been inundated with calls from the same number ever since. Same number different companies. Always seem to be about energy though - caller: Energy suppliers

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Merrice 14 Apr 2016

Call multiple time very day, at various time. When answer no one speaks. - caller: 01913402527

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Catrin25 Apr 2016

3 missed calls from this number in an hour, after seeing these comments in blocking the number before I even answer a call.

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Gary28 Apr 2016

Pain in the backside... Rings all times of day and night 10 missed calls from them yesterday...4 so far today but its only lunchtime.

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David03 May 2016

This caller rings often, phone rings three or four times then hangs up!!. Given that the caller is paid, proves that some people will do anything, regardless of consequences, for money! - caller: 01913402527

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Anthony03 May 2016

Caller said I could have free energy, if I called phone numbers on a long list!. - caller: 01913402527

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Sandra06 May 2016

Just had yet another call which I did not answer so decided to ring them back after looking on here. Got an automated message advising to leave my name and number and they'll remove me from their marketing. Let's see if it works! - caller: Economy Energy

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Alex raven10 May 2016

Got a phone call only rang once I answered said hello and they put the phone down on me. Wish there was a way of blocking nuisance calls Permanently. - caller: 0191 340 2527

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Paul Whitaker24 Jun 2016

This lot ring me fairly often and, as my phone flags up the number before I answer, I just don't bother to phone back... Simple! They even phoned me once when i was test-flying a light aircraft from my local airport; not sure they believed me when I said I couldn't talk because I was at nearly 2000ft and listening to Air traffic Control - at which point they got far more interested in how to fly a 'plane and forgot all about trying to sell me something! - caller: Not really sure!

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Possible phone number formats are 0191 340 2527, +44 191 340 2527, 01913402527, +441913402527.

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