01912926000 is a landline and located in Tyneside (UK).

Calls started on April 22nd, 2015.

There has been a total of 10 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 191 292 6000? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 27 Jun 2016.

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21 May 2015

Utility Wise - told on numerous occasions not to call!!! Argumentative, won't take no for an answer! - caller: Utility Wise

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Jenny28 Jul 2015

Called our TPS registered number and asked to speak to a person who doesn't work in this department claiming to have spokent to him before. Became very argumentative when informed the company does not accept cold calls and that the number is TPS registered. - caller: Utility Wise

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Belinda05 Aug 2015

Numerous calls on the same day claiming to have spoken to people before. Rude and argumentative. - caller: Utility Wise

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Micheal Bolton07 Aug 2015

Smelly scruffy Little Rats - caller: Utility wise

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Emma21 Aug 2015

Phoned me at work going on about energy prices. Such cold calls are very irritating. - caller: Utility Wise

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Tobyraffles28 Aug 2015

Started calling me out of the blue - hang up - do not leave message

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Katie21 Sep 2015

Possibly the most annoying cold calling company. Won't take no for an answer and become quite argumentative when I still said no. Have now blocked them and hopefully will be the end of it. - caller: Utility Wise

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Richard28 Jan 2016

Annoying, argumentative cold callers. Won't take no for an answer! Just put the phone down on them! They are ignorant & abusive. - caller: Utility Wise

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Tarquin Montegue-Farquaharson14 Apr 2016

we find cold calling a very effective marketing tool... its the unscrupulous companies we buy your telephone numbers off you should be bothered about. If we get argumentative then you must be arguing with us.... if you dont want to save money on your energy bills thats your stupidity not ours.... dont take it out on our callers. If youve got a phone.... expect people to call you on it. Have a nice day !!! - caller: Utility Wise - Here to save you money

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Arthur25627 Jun 2016

Caller gave her name and was pleasant, but then started lying that my wife had requested a call from them (Utilitywise plc) and that it was about Energy Efficiency. Told her we have already done all we can afford on this, and said goodbye! I have reported them for failure to comply with TPS. - caller: Utilitywise plc

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Possible phone number formats are 0191 292 6000, +44 191 292 6000, 01912926000, +441912926000.

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