01312362102 is a landline and located in Edinburgh (UK).

Calls started on November 9th, 2016.

There has been a total of 21 comments left about the phone number.

Got a call from +44 131 236 2102? Report unwanted calls and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 23 Jan 2017.

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Jane14 Nov 2016

Insisted I'd had a car accident and was unbelievably rude over the phone. I had to put the phone down because he wouldn't stop talking. Do not answer.

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Hugh15 Nov 2016

I answered. Line silent. They cut off after about 5secs.

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Hugh16 Nov 2016

They have now called me a few times! Just ambulance chasers.. Claim the got my number from the "National Accident Database" and there is money set aside in my name waiting for me to collect! Would not answer my question "Who are you..???"

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12316 Nov 2016

Had the same call. They have tried to call me numeous times this week so I decided to answer just incase it was important. Said I had not recieved money I am entitled to from a car accident I had not settled.....which is a load of rubbish. Kept on telling him it was not true what he was saying and he insisted it was kept pushing that he knew better. Very well spoken guy.....but honestly quite rude at the same time for how pushy they were. Said I did not appreciate being called by someone who I had not requested a call from and he still kept on pushing that I was due money for an accident....not true. - caller: 0131 236 2102

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Seonaid18 Nov 2016

I answered this because it was from an Edinburgh number (I live in Edinburgh so I thought it was probably a legitimate phone call.) The line died as soon as I picked up but after a quick search it's clearly another spam call. These companies are getting smarter with re-directing area codes, if it wasn't an Edinburgh number I never would have answered it! - caller: 0131 236 2102

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Rebecca21 Nov 2016

Missed a number of calls from this number. Finally answered today and it was just a person breathing down the line. A lot of voices in the background, assume it's a call centre. - caller: spam

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Nicky24 Nov 2016

Complete idiots, it's clearly some sort of scam. Kept telling me I was in a car accident last year, load of rubbish, the guy was rude and hung up when I laughed and said he was talking out his bum. Don't answer if you see the number!!! - caller: 01312362102

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NS01 Dec 2016

Keep insisting I've had a car accident. Had my previous name and address (from Edinburgh, which is why I picked up). Very forceful on the phone and have called twice in two days. - caller: Claims to be something like Cornhill Underwriters

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02 Dec 2016

Had my name and a previous address, claimed I'd had an accident or a friend provided my insurance details. Claimed to be from something insurance

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John05 Dec 2016

Had the 6th call from them in a week tonight. Where can I go to arrange their accident? - caller: 01312362102

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Lee06 Dec 2016

Just had a call from this number - about the 3rd in a couple of weeks. Same type of call as others. Accident SCAM - caller: 0131 236 2102

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Julie07 Dec 2016

Phoned my daughter saying her number was on the same. Daughter nearly taken in by him. All about "no fault car accident"

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Cathy07 Dec 2016

Had a call asking to speak to my mum (had her name) about a non fault car accident in the last 2 and a half years. Scottish accent, very friendly and calling from an Edinburgh number. Quite convincing. We luckily haven't had an accident in the last 2.5 years and I just said this and he took me off the database. Probably cos he thought I was under 16. (I'm 23!) - caller: 0131 236 2102

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H Fene07 Dec 2016

Unsolicited call grrrrr - caller: 0131 236 2102

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Tom19 Dec 2016

Same story. Hung up when I told him I didn't drive.

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Morag20 Dec 2016

I had a man tell me someone had banged into the back of my car. I asked him how he knew this (because it hadn't happened). He said it was on the national insurance database and that I was entitled to £3000. I just said "oh right" and he suddenly hung up. Spoke really fast and actually didn't make make any sense. I guess that is designed to confuse people. He knew my name though.

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Hoss20 Dec 2016

Said he had £2200 for me from third party insurance as my accident hadn't been all my fault. I Kept spiinning him along for 5 minutes out of amusement. He claimed to work for ambassador legal and had a previous address of mine. Really pushy even after I told him to keep the money and to have a great Christmas with it. - caller: Michael

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Kayl05 Jan 2017

Yet again another number calling about an accident I was in. Once again I explain calmly that no one was in my vehicle at the time it was hit. The guy on other end hung up. No thanks or bye. Absolutely rude! I take my time to explain for the 100th time to the umpteenth company and that's what I get. They need a course on how to treat people! - caller: 0131 236 2102

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Tracy20 Jan 2017

Have had repeated calls from this number at first i ignored them as did not reconize number but when they kept calling i assumed it was something important and answered the first few times no one spoke but could hear voices in back ground and guessed it was a cold caller of some description so next time they called i answered and they asked for me by name so i pretended i was not me and asked if i could take a message he replied yes tell her ..then hung up abruptly without finishing his sentence my partner has had them call him too he not as polite as me and basically told him to f*** o** and do not call him again ( none of us drive neither does my 16 year old daughter who has also had calls ...do not answer calls from this number ..... - caller: 01312362102

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Paul21 Jan 2017

Similar call yesterday i.e. they had details of a claim in relation to an accident that I had been involved in recently which quickly became the past two and a half years. When I said that was nonsense then the man stopped the call. - caller: 01312362102

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Mariusz23 Jan 2017

They called me asking about life insurance. They got my address and phone number. They have refused to give me name of the company or address - just hanged up. Several times. They call from 0131.. (I'm in Edinburgh) - one thing lady told me is they have office in Wales! - caller: 01312362102

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Possible phone number formats are 0131 236 2102, +44 131 236 2102, 01312362102, +441312362102.

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