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07995 396845
Who is calling me ?
Last Post about 1 month ago | 07995396845
07931 828588
SCAM NUMBER CONTACTED BY PHONE I recieved a standard scam call from this number with the pause before the caller began to speak. I hung up before I was able to identify what company it was.
Last Post 3 months ago | 07931828588
07931 828588
SCAM NUMBER CONTACT THROUGH TEXTS recieved a text from this number saying "call me x" so i replied "whos this" and they then replied "ok x" The next day the number texted me again saying "call m...
Last Post 3 months ago | 07931828588
07940 598257
Received a call today from this number 14.16pm (31st August 2017) Woman speaker (no name or company name given) said she was contacting me to take 2nd part payment with a two year contract, to sto...
Last Post 5 months ago | 07940598257
07941 586366
Calls from this number on my phone but unobtainable when try to call back?
Last Post 5 months ago | 07941586366
07957 340096
I get the same! They ring me up to 9 times a day and when I do answer it they just hang up!
Last Post 9 months ago | 07957340096
07957 340096
Calls up to 8 times a day, Call back and the number is unavailable. When you answer it the immediately hang up.
Last Post 9 months ago | 07957340096
07926 538718
This number being used in a 419 scam in the Philippines. Its in the email sent. He asks for you to call the scammer on this number if you have 'doubts' being used is Heinrich Leuthard
Last Post 9 months ago | 07926538718
07919 233984
Received a telemarketing call from 07919233984 re my house and a gas supplier. Blocked.
Last Post 11 months ago | 07919233984
07937 927617
Stupid u won 500 pound in love to shop vouchers if u don't answer they hang up and ring back straight away until u do answer
Last Post 11 months ago | 07937927617

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