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01792 917921
Who is calling me from this number?
Last Post 6 days ago | 01792917921
01792 315069
This caller is from the service department of FRF Motors, Swansea.
Last Post 19 days ago | 01792315069
01792 917921
Call me back please on please
Last Post 20 days ago | 01792917921
01792 735031
Last Post about 1 month ago | 01792735031
01792 735360
I had a similar call today and I told the lady that I didn't wish to discuss the matter further with her. This is distressing as I am dying from lung cancer.
Last Post about 1 month ago | 01792735360
01792 735360
Had a similar call from these people today; a well spoken lady who started to ask if I was aware of the cost of funerals these days. i told her that, as a 73 year old, I objected strongly to being...
Last Post about 2 months ago | 01792735360
01792 917956
Keeps calling and hangs up when answer
Last Post 3 months ago | 01792917956
01792 917956
Keeps calling at the same time almost every weekday. not sure who it is/what it is about. I do not answer calls from numbers I do not have on my phone.
Last Post 3 months ago | 01792917956
01792 735360
Marketing funeral plans. Claim to get their data from a data collection agency, and blame the agency for not screening for TPS numbers. Clearly neither understand nor care about their own respon...
Last Post 3 months ago | 01792735360
01792 917993
Keep receiving both land and mobile calls from this number. I'm X-directory and have preferred numbers. Anyone know of this? Scam??
Last Post 4 months ago | 01792917993

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