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01752 825501
Believe it to be scam or cold calling - phone rang just two seconds and cut off - I won't be ringing them!
Last Post 20 days ago | 01752825501
01752 424020
Had a few missed calls from this number, not a scam or anything like that. Had a mobile tyre repair done and it was just the call centre making sure fitter had been and work was satisfactory.
Last Post 7 months ago | 01752424020
01752 874293
rang twice asked for me hung up second time when i answered
Last Post 8 months ago | 01752874293
01752 937365
Comes up as your area code but is about 'that road traffic accident' which I never had... hung up on me when I said I did not have one, rude.
Last Post 10 months ago | 01752937365
01752 398993
Royal Eye Infirmary - Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust (Derriford)
Last Post 11 months ago | 01752398993
01752 937645
They phoned and hung up when I answered so I phoned back and it didn't say what company it was, just "One of our agent will be with you soon", after which I hung up. If they have "agents" then it's...
Last Post about 1 year ago | 01752937645
01752 937992
SPAP call from a call centre which I doubt was based in the town the area code relates to, the number belongs to Nexbridge communications who have a reputation for SPAM calling. The caller was stat...
Last Post about 1 year ago | 01752937992
01752 937069
Number rang me so I answered they said a few things like asking for me and then hung up and when I rang back went strsight to answerphone??
Last Post about 1 year ago | 01752937069
01752 937320
phone rang, i did not speak, the caller did not speak so i put the phone down
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01752937320
01752 937155
This number keeps trying to call me however when I call back it's an American answer hold dial
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01752937155

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