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01709 276998
Literally getting phonecalls daily, becoming real nuissance, don’t bother answering just block. Scammers!!!!!
Last Post 11 days ago | 01709276998
01709 917482
Who is this caller they left no message
Last Post 18 days ago | 01709917482
01709 276998
Wanted to know my name and wanted to do a Mortgage check. Fishing for my information. Very rude male who made call as though he was getting the unwanted call. Aggrieved that he would not tell me...
Last Post 9 months ago | 01709276998
01709 276998
What could you possibly do about it. Try taking 2 minutes to listen and get yourself removed off the calling list. Try being polite and asking nicely to be removed.
Last Post 9 months ago | 01709276998
01709 276998
Scamming bastards from Rotherham - their company shows as dissolved status. Guess how many mailing lists their directors are now on :-) I hope they have a BIG letterbox.
Last Post 9 months ago | 01709276998
01709 276998
Just got the most abusive, aggressive rude phone call from above number. The man on other side told me to shut up and listen. Put the phone down as I do not deserve to be abused verbally by the s...
Last Post 11 months ago | 01709276998
01709 276819
Ppi place calling
Last Post 12 months ago | 01709276819
01709 918709
This number keeps ringing me.Is it a scam?
Last Post 12 months ago | 01709918709
01709 276847
Do not no the number
Last Post 12 months ago | 01709276847
01709 276706
i do not know that number
Last Post about 1 year ago | 01709276706

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