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0141 266 3259
Hung up without speaking, so probably just another robot gathering people who respond
Last Post 4 months ago | 01412663259
0141 628 9447
Calling about an accident claim. Nuisance caller
Last Post 4 months ago | 01416289447
0141 433 7640
3 calls a day off this number and Google isn't helping one bit to help me find out who this is, beyond a joke when the other day they phoned 6am, 1pm and 11:30pm
Last Post 4 months ago | 01414337640
0141 367 9776
Caller said I'd had a recent collision, I told him he was speaking rubbish and to lose my number, definitely a scam call. Had called my mobile so don'tknow where he got my number.
Last Post 4 months ago | 01413679776
0141 212 6480
I am trying to understand who is calling me from that number. When i responded their call, though i asked them from where they are calling me, they could not tell me clearly...Unfortunately.
Last Post 5 months ago | 01412126480
0141 762 6887
Indian accent - tried to make out I had had an accident. I asked who he wanted to speak to he then dropped the call.
Last Post 5 months ago | 01417626887
0141 280 3720
I have them on reject list. I read the dangers the Smart meters carry.NO way we're having one! Gas companies lying. An MP in London has taken it before the house because people are being forced int...
Last Post 5 months ago | 01412803720
0141 370 3945
Stop phoning me. I have not had a car accident.
Last Post 6 months ago | 01413703945
0141 370 3945
This number called me just now, about a crash I was involved in 19 months ago. They told me there was an "undisclosed amount" due to me. Rubbish! There isn't any money due to me. The other driv...
Last Post 6 months ago | 01413703945
0141 370 4617
They are called Together Energy. They called two days ago, I wrote to them to ask them not to call me as I'm completely uninterested in their energy offers, they replied to say that they would rem...
Last Post 9 months ago | 01413704617

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