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01267 668685
Nuisance call.....unsolicited sales!
Last Post 5 months ago | 01267668685
01267 668685
Mobile rang from this number but when I answered they hung up. I have blocked this call, along with another 250!
Last Post 6 months ago | 01267668685
01267 863912
Received this call to my mobile at 1540 23082017. Announced himself as Justin, asked me how I was, calling me by my first name. Asked what he wanted he went into a spiel concerning a non existent...
Last Post 6 months ago | 01267863912
01267 668685
Some welsh bloke. Sounded like he said the company name was "we repair it". No idea who they are so have now blocked.
Last Post 6 months ago | 01267668685
01267 863950
Life insurance.
Last Post 9 months ago | 01267863950
01267 863894
This caller has contacted me twice. Don't know who they are.
Last Post 9 months ago | 01267863894
01267 668698
Unsolicited call about reviewing a life insurance policy that I don't even have. Pushy Welsh man being overfamiliar and very annoying. Even carried on trying to sell his bogus products after ...
Last Post 9 months ago | 01267668698
01267 650204
No vm left. Looks like a telemarketer.
Last Post about 1 year ago | 01267650204
01267 246000
01267246000 results in "the number you have called is not recognised" if you dial it back. Therefore I call scammer of some kind.
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01267246000
01267 226761
I want to make a complaint I was rang on Thursday 28/7/16 at 5:08pm on 07960865423 and the person had a right attitude and very foul manner this is very un exceptable and I am not really happy ab...
Last Post over 1 year ago | 01267226761

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