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01204 357360
It's "MyDentist" dental practice
Last Post 5 months ago | 01204357360
01204 357360
this number is the main number for ADH Dentists, they call to confirm the appointment you have and that you can attend usually the day before your appointment, there is no scam here for a change.
Last Post 5 months ago | 01204357360
01204 326183
"Have you been in a car crash"..... Ambulance chasers!!! Wouldn't bother answering
Last Post 6 months ago | 01204326183
01204 666002
Who Keeps calling me
Last Post 7 months ago | 01204666002
01204 311066
It's actually Harringtons Advisory who handle PPI claims on behalf of customers. Trouble is they use an automated dialling system and even if you get cut off you don't necessarily get back to the p...
Last Post 7 months ago | 01204311066
01204 311066
A recorded message Told me I was the only person in this conference then disappeared
Last Post 7 months ago | 01204311066
01204 311991
called today and i didnt answer. called back ad he said is it mr sulivan?!? fk off ppi claim insurance
Last Post 10 months ago | 01204311991
01204 311398
Ppi caller who won't remove me from list despite asking several times
Last Post 11 months ago | 01204311398
01204 311990
Call from this number (sounded like "Goodwin Holdings" husband said) asking for me by name but wouldn't to divulge to husband reason for call. I said to tell them I wasn't prepared to speak to the...
Last Post 11 months ago | 01204311990
01204 370044
Annoying rang up past 5 mornings at 5 am and never spoke when I answered
Last Post about 1 year ago | 01204370044

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