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020 3634 4820
Caller said her name is Sarah and she represents a partner of 3 without actually giving a company name. Told her I'm not interested in any offers. She insisted I should listen to her and when I refused she just hang up. If it's the same number calling people about alleged car accidents than I think it might be more serious than just spam. Could be involved in fraud.
Last Post about 4 hours ago | Phone Number 02036344820| 020 Area Code
01925 320630
Said he’d been given my number to return a cabinet!
Last Post about 9 hours ago | Phone Number 01925320630| 01925 Area Code
01452 222714
Call from ao appliance company. Bought a tv a few days ago, checking everything was ok with tele and extended warranty Safe to answer
Last Post about 16 hours ago | Phone Number 01452222714| 01452 Area Code
01706 300370
I just returned a call to this number and got a roudy bunch of call centre workers screaming down the phone.... not sure they realised there was someone at the other end! 😂
Last Post 1 day ago | Phone Number 01706300370| 01706 Area Code
0191 691 4777
Continually calls.
Last Post 1 day ago | Phone Number 01916914777| 01916 Area Code
0113 320 2772
Last Post 2 days ago | Phone Number 01133202772| 0113 Area Code
070 3192 7631
They told me they were Microsoft and that they were based in Bradford (when I quizzed them) I also asked why they were ringing from an 07 number and they said it was because they are a global network Lol. They said if I didn't have microsoft then they would have to wipe my computer and delete Microsoft off Lol again. I then said I would ring Microsoft to which she replied 'I will await your cal...
Last Post 3 days ago | Phone Number 07031927631| 070 Area Code
020 3752 5250
Nuisance Call The caller says they have been told about my accident which wasn't my fault. I firmly tell them they are lying as I have had no accident and then hang up. I suspect it's an automated 'bot rather than a real person.
Last Post 3 days ago | Phone Number 02037525250| 020 Area Code
01744 636414
Dozens of unwanted calls from this number, line always goes dead when answered
Last Post 3 days ago | Phone Number 01744636414| 01744 Area Code
0333 200 5341
Scam spam call dont anwser
Last Post 5 days ago | Phone Number 03332005341| 0333 Area Code
0800 098 8706
Number shown on web based PC tech support scam. Ignore.
Last Post 5 days ago | Phone Number 08000988706| 0800 Area Code
0330 363 0500
Cold call from this number by an individual named "Jennifer Harris" purporting to be conducting a survey on behalf of Lloyds Bank. The caller clearly 'knew' of various business and personal accounts held at Lloyds Bank, my phone number and my name. I wonder - did any of the above call receivers also hold accounts at Lloyds Bank. If it can be shown that Personal Data relative to holdings at L...
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 03303630500| 0330 Area Code
0161 814 0868
Extremely insolent and obnoxious nuisance caller who doesn't stop. Seems not improbable these lying pests are predatory paedophiles hoping a young person answers the call. Block immediately and call 101 to report any suspicion to the Police, better be safe than sorry and maybe save the life of a child.
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 01618140868| 0161 Area Code
028 8125 5564
02881339255 called us, left no message 17 Nov 2017
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 02881255564| 02881 Area Code
0161 814 0584
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 01618140584| 0161 Area Code
01622 845550
0162284550 Called me three times today. I have BT call blocker but still gets through. I don't answer it
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 01622845550| 01622 Area Code
01942 391950
Get 5, 6 or more calls from this number every day. Been going on for weeks now. I never answer calls from numbers I do not recognise so whoever is calling is wasting their time. However, my answerphone kicks in every time they ring and they leave a 10-15sec silent message each time. At some point if I fail to clear my message box regularly I am going to miss an important message because of the ...
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 01942391950| 01942 Area Code
0151 541 3031
This number has called me 31 times in 7 days I answered them today I didn't need to identify myself he knew immediately who I was. Told me I opened an account with them online last. Week when asked what kind of account he told me currency trading and they promise to quadruple 200 in 7 days. I told him not opened account don't know who they are he said my details were sold by online survey I di...
Last Post 6 days ago | Phone Number 01515413031| 0151 Area Code
07520 632628
I replied and I never got my pack. We have been trying to contact you re your PPI Claim. We now have details of how much you are due. Reply POST for your pack or END to OptOut END Actually, send me a pack. No, wait, I don’t need one Actually why not! Yes Send me a pack But how will I get my pack Will you post me my pack POST I still haven’t got my pack ^^^ Post my pack!!!!!!!!!!! ...
Last Post 7 days ago | Phone Number 07520632628| 075 Area Code
01656 837415
Spam , cold callers Loans
Last Post 7 days ago | Phone Number 01656837415| 01656 Area Code
020 3695 4911
I was just wondering who called
Last Post 7 days ago | Phone Number 02036954911| 020 Area Code
07709 619486
Same. Got a call to ask if I had life insurance. He quickly hung up. Waste of time.
Last Post 7 days ago | Phone Number 07709619486| 077 Area Code
01273 025780
The call is from Greenpeace, looking for volunteers and/or activists. They won't leave a message due to time constraints but a simple 1471 check will confirm.
Last Post 7 days ago | Phone Number 01273025780| 01273 Area Code
01276 421209
had a call from a number in camberley. Didn’t give a name and said cameras had picked me up texting on my mobile phone last Tuesday whilst driving. Asked if I had, I said no and he said remember this is recorded and could be used in evidence. Then carried on and I asked when and he said he could suspend my license if I kept interrupting him (I hadn’t, I’d waited for a gap in his speech which wa...
Last Post 7 days ago | Phone Number 01276421209| 01276 Area Code
01382 250760
lies lies lies!!! i did not fill in a questionaire i did not say i had aches and pains and yes they are trying to sell me something when they say they are not. beware these people are not only lying as it is health they are dangerous to your health and wealth.
Last Post 7 days ago | Phone Number 01382250760| 01382 Area Code
0161 360 0051
Scamming sales call - said worked for Manchester Council - when asked name and department they said -, " .. work for an independent company"!!! I ended the call politely
Last Post 8 days ago | Phone Number 01613600051| 0161 Area Code
01924 878458
Answered a call here today (13:17) from 01924 878458 purporting to be from BT, about the "faults" on my computer. Usual stuff: wanted to know was my modem on?...would I please turn on computer? which point I hung up.
Last Post 8 days ago | Phone Number 01924878458| 01924 Area Code
0131 220 6507
01312205765076 is a legit number Simpson house Queen Steet has this number
Last Post 8 days ago | Phone Number 01312206507| 0131 Area Code
01872 258700
Unknown caller.
Last Post 8 days ago | Phone Number 01872258700| 01872 Area Code
020 3055 7290
Caller says I’ve been involved in a road accident - which I haven’t - and I need to claim.
Last Post 8 days ago | Phone Number 02030557290| 020 Area Code

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